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452 April 1, 2011 User blog:452
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This discussion is related to the Location to-do list.

Hires nuclear plant


As you can see, I now have an even higher resolution map.

Directly from the game files for the GPS, this map is clean, without the gang territories that you find on most other maps.

I wasted a lot of time on the earlier maps, but I can recycle most of that work. The numbers do make a lot more sense now.

I've also finished sorting through ALL other game images, and I have a couple of hundred things to upload. I'm not sure if there are even pages I can put all of these things on. I'll start with the images that can definitely be added to existing pages, and worry about the other images later.

to do list:

  • finish adding the modification info to vehicle pages
  • upload all vehicle name images
  • cutscene names to all mission pages
  • upload newspaper images
  • newspaper text to all mission pages
  • upload loading screens, add to mission pages because there isn't really anywhere else
  • upload hitman and chop shop images (better quality than currently here)
  • upload images of each neighborhood

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