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452 January 22, 2015 User blog:452

As Gat out of Hell has now been released, there are many gaming sites giving reviews.

As with last time, reviews will be collated into one blog post.

  • Please comment below if you would like a review added to this post.
  • Write a summary of the review, including any unique statements about the game made in the review.
  • One review per comment please.
Review Summary
zero punctuation
  • New Hades is basically just Steelport
  • Changing the player character is dumb, given it was a strength of the series
  • Gat isn't really that awesome
  • The plot is reduced to narration over still images, and that the cutscene to explain the halo is a cop-out.
  • The game isn't balanced
  • Side missions with no central path is not very satisfying.
  • The "choose your ending" mechanic is lame.
  • Satan can be killed in four RPG blasts.

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