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This information is outdated, see User blog:452/User Groups 2015


As per the User Groups 2013 blog post, User Groups have been renamed to Task Forces, and re-structured.

In addition to the focus-related groups found at Category:Task Force, there are also gang-related groups which can be found at Category:Task Force/Gang.

These focus of these task forces are anything to do with the gang - mostly characters and missions, but also peripheral topics such as which vehicles and weapons the gangs use.
As there is much overlap, Category:Task Force/Character should also be checked for issues and discussions which may be relevant.
  • If you want to co-ordinate improving all Character articles, use the Character Task Force.
  • If you just want to co-ordinate Vice Kings related articles, use the Vice Kings Task Force.

You don't have to "join" any of the Task Force groups, you can feel free to post blog posts to each group if you have something to add.

As usual, these groups are an experiment, if they work, they work. If no-one uses them, they'll be deleted in a year from now.

Edit: 2014-09-15: These gang task forces have now been deleted due to apparent lack of use. While it is possible that people may have viewed them, no-one posted anything in them, meaning that this was the only blog post displayed in them, and no-one has commented on their usefulness, nor objected to their pre-proposed deletion.

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