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Posted by 452 on 2013-11-01 18:26:25

The Saints Row Wiki today is nothing like the Saints Row Wiki of 3 years ago, but there are still some lingering misconceptions of unreliability due to open editing.

There are far more people adding factual information than vandals adding false information, therefore false information is likely to be removed promptly.

tl;dr: If you see something you think is false, either fix it or bring it to the attention of others on the wiki.

The Saints Row Wiki is a two-way street: read, edited, and fact-checked by players - which means you.
The information on the wiki is overwhelmingly true, and more detailed than any other source. There are things on the wiki which are not in any official guide, nor anywhere else on the internet - because it's collaborative.
Because it's collaborative, there are sometimes random idiots, or assholes, who add false information, either mistakenly or maliciously.
There are over 1000 pages, with over 100 edits per day, often from dozens of new editors per day. While the regulars on the wiki try their best to be watch out for false information, sometimes things slip through. (Especially with so much information being added to the wiki at the moment. This soon after release, there are bound to be mistakes, including information which was added before release that has not yet been corrected.)
That's where you come in: just as anyone can add false information, anyone can fix it.

  • If you think something is suspect, check the source of the information.
  • If there is no source or any other form of proof, then you're probably right to question it.
  • If you think something should have a reference, but you're not sure is false, add {{fact}}.
  • If you're pretty sure you've found false information, you can just correct it yourself.
  • If you want to keep looking into it, the next step is to look in the history to see who added it: perhaps the person who added it has already been banned for adding false information, or perhaps it was a one-edit anon.
  • If you're unsure: ask on the talk page of the article in question.

When adding information, always be sure to use actual quotes, and to use references, so that what you're adding can be verified.

If you want to actively help add needed references, check Category:Reference requests.

There is plenty to do and there are many ways you can improve the wiki.
New information is always welcome in any article, but here are some specifics if you need ideas:

(This isn't actually "news", so I can't rightly put it in the News category.)

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An example of why proof is required:
452, 2013-11-22T20:52:28Z

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