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Descriptive Filenames

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This discussion is related to the Image to-do list.


As it says in the Manual of Style, image filenames should describe the content of the image, and should most often include the title of the article where the image is intended to be displayed.

Why descriptive filenames?
Because that's what filenames are for. To describe the content.
Why descriptive filenames?
Because it's not always immediately obvious to other users why the image exists.
Why descriptive filenames?
So that people who are less familiar with the game can re-add images which were removed from articles.
Why descriptive filenames?
Ever heard of search engines? They're websites where people type in words and get results based on words in webpages and filenames.

Generic filenames break the internet and this wiki.

edit: The Manual of Style also says to upload the largest possible versions of images. While this mostly refers to not resizing images yourself, when uploading promo images it is best to find and upload the largest version.

Google Image Search now allows searching by image - you give it an image, and it finds all versions of that image.

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