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DRM-Free Saints Row 2+3

452 May 11, 2015 User blog:452

Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package are now available without DRM.

As you may know, Saints Row games on PC normally come with Digital Restriction Measures which force you to connect to the internet and install Steam, even if you purchase the physical disc.

But now, perhaps thanks to Deep Silver's ownership, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third are both finally available without DRM. No third party bloatware or internet connection required to install.

I've used since it was still called "Good Old Games", and would recommend it to anyone. (System Shock 2 is also available there, and is the only place to buy a digital copy without DRM)

Saints Row 2 has previously been available without DRM, but this is the first time - to my knowledge - that Saints Row: The Third has been available this way. It's better late than never, I suppose, and perhaps Saints Row IV and Gat out of Hell will be added in future.

Edit: As of June 2016, no other Saints Row games have been added to GOG.

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