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Posted by 452 on 2014-07-28 22:07:51

To-do list > Character > DLC appearances

With things which only appear in DLC, such as Angry Tiger, it's fairly obvious that the intro line should state they appear in the DLC, not that they appear in the game.

However, what about characters who appear in both the core game and the DLC?

Just about every Saint in Saints Row IV also appears in the DLC missions, so it seems a little redundant to me to state that "Asha is a character in Saints Row IV and How the Saints Save Christmas."

Category:Characters in Saints Row IV DLC and Category:Characters in Saints Row: The Third DLC both only list characters who only appear in those DLC.

While their appearance in DLC definitely warrants a subheading, I'm not sure it needs to be listed in the intro. Especially since that info is also in the infobox in most cases.

What does everyone else think?

452 - 2014-07-28 22:07:51

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