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Posted by User452 on 2011-03-15 21:29:18

Today has been a busy day so far, I've renamed a bunch of articles, and cleaned up a bunch of categories:

  • games (all pages were in "games" and "saints row series")
  • communication (1 TV station article)
  • currency (2 articles, moved to "gameplay")
  • cutscenes (1 article, merged.)
  • features (replaced with "gameplay")
  • garages (2 replaced with "locations" and "cribs")
  • Improvised Weapons (2 redirects)
  • Maintenance templates (1 article, replaced with "templates")
  • Modes (1 article - replaced with multiplayer)
  • Movies (1 stub article - merged)
  • Restaurants (2 articles - replaced with "Stores")
  • screenshots (1 image)
  • Saints Row Wiki (all pages were already in the "Community" category)
  • soundtracks (1 article, replaced with "music" - music also only contains the 1 article)
  • Stilwater PD (2 articles, replaced with "Law enforcement" and "Law enforcement vehicles")
  • The third street saints (2 articles - removed from one)
  • Timeline (1 article, replaced with "Saints Row Series")
  • Trivia (2 articles)

Special:Categories had 138 categories before I started.

I'm about to start a huge cleanup of stub articles.

  • Stilwater Businesses is going to have these stub articles merged into it.
    • Category:Companies
    • Category:Buildings
    • Category:Businesses
    • Category:Locations

anything in those categories will be changed to Category:Locations only, and the other 3 will be deleted.

edit: Due to lack of alternate categories, Category:Businesses has been kept on some articles.
  • Brands is going back to Forum:Brands and will have these pages added:
    • Category:Minor_Brands
    • Category:Clothing_brands

After that, both of those categories will disappear.

Also on my radar:

  • Category:Gang_cars (either needs more cars added, or needs to disappear) edit: changed to Gang Vehicles
  • Category:Miscellanous (must see if these can go someplace else.) edit: done.
  • Saints Row 2 basics I'm thinking that page should really be split up into different articles, but that is a massive undertaking which I will not be doing any time soon.

452 - 2011-03-15 21:29:18

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