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What quotes do you want added to this wiki?

Answering machine SR2 VOC SP 04768
SR2 911 Message

I've recently added audio files to the Phone Numbers page, as well as the Police Headquarters, and will be uploading audio files for the quotes section of every article.

If you'd like to have a particular quote added, add the quote to an article, or if you can't remember the entire quote, you can leave a message on the article's talk page describing it, and I'll try to find it.

Always use the {{Quote}} template to add quotes, so the quotes will automatically be listed on Saints Row Wiki:Quotes, and I'll be able to see which quotes need audio added.

I also wanted to explain the new template for audio files.
This is the code used for embedding the audio file at the top of this article:

{{audio|answering machine SR2_VOC_SP_04768.ogg|SR2 911 Message}}

Details about the template can be found here: {{Audio}}
Right now, there are not many options, but I will continue working on the template, and any help would be appreciated.

We also have a new vehicle infobox template, thanks to Keroro1keroro1
You can read about it here: Template:vehicle
We're gradually adding it to articles, and again, any help is appreciated.
If you would like to help, all the vehicle statistics are available on the Mechanic page.
I've uploaded all of the vehicle logo images yesterday, which can also be added to each vehicle's infobox. (You can use Special:NewFiles to browse the recently uploaded images.)

In other recent changes, there have been some improvements to the main page, and all the links in the nav-bar menu at the top of the page work again, hopefully you will find them useful.

I have also created a Gallery of images I have uploaded, for easy browsing

This wiki is very much a work in progress, so if there are any improvements you can suggest to any articles, or just comment on the articles, feel free to leave a message on any article talk page, or dive right in and add things to articles yourself. :)

452, 2011-05-04T16:24:00Z (last edited: 452, 2016-05-01T14:32:16Z)

could you please post the quotes of all the voices? If not at least female voice one from Saints Row: The Third? Thanks and sorry for bothering you., 2012-08-03T16:34:35Z
All the quotes? That's a lot of quotes!
I've been thinking about dedicated some time to doing what i said i would do in this post: adding audio for every quote.
Since this article, we've added a {{quote}} template, and all quotes using that template are listed on Saints Row Wiki:Quotes. I'll be using that page to see which quotes need to be added, so many sure you use the quote template to add the quotes, and I'll get to them eventually.
Feel free to leave a message any time. :)
452, 2012-08-03T23:01:05Z
IDK if you're still doing this, but are you able to collect the quotes from the civilians? Any of the games will do, and thanks for reading this., 2014-08-19T15:00:51Z
I have all of the audio files, including civilian audio files.
I have only partially sorted them, because it is a very time-intensive process.
452, 2014-08-19T15:25:37Z (last edited: 452, 2014-08-19T15:26:24Z)
If you'd like to have a particular quote added, add the quote to an article, or if you can't remember the entire quote, you can leave a message on the article's talk page describing it, and I'll try to find it.
Ah, I was just about to post a new blog post saying the same thing - I'm glad I checked To-do/Audio first. (The system works!)
As I've mentioned, while I have all the audio, I can't just upload all the audio. If there's a specific quote you think needs audio uploaded, this blog post is still the right place to make the request.
Audio for Saints Row: The Third onwards is much easier to find, thanks to the lists I've added to To-do/Quote. But I was still able to find a bunch of specific audio for Saints Row and Saints Row 2 without too much difficulty.
The really hard audio to locate is still the civilian audio, in all games, because I basically need to listen to thousands of audio files in order to find anything.
452, 2015-02-12T16:25:32Z

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