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"I once read about five monkeys that were placed in a room with a banana at the top of a set of stairs. As one monkey attempted to climb the stairs, all of the monkeys were sprayed with jets of cold water. A second monkey made an attempt and again the monkeys were sprayed. No more monkeys attempted to climb the stairs. One of the monkeys was then removed from the room and replaced with a new monkey. New monkey saw the banana and started to climb the stairs but to its surprise, it was attacked by the other monkeys. Another of the original monkeys was replaced and the newcomer was also attacked when he attempted to climb the stairs. The previous newcomer took part in the punishment with enthusiasm. Replacing a third original monkey with a new one, it headed for the stairs and was attacked as well. Half of the monkeys that attacked him had no idea why. After replacing the fourth and fifth original monkeys, none had ever been sprayed with cold water but all stayed the fuck away from the stairs."


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We've all been monkeys in the past. Mostly when we were children.
Unlike the monkeys, we have the power of language. An important part of growing up is realising that we can ask each other why we can't go up the stairs to get the banana.

When I first started editing here, I accepted how things were currently done, and worked within the established conventions as best I could, because I didn't want to rock the boat.
As I became a more experienced editor, and especially after I became an admin, I realised that some of the things that I had gone along with were very silly, and wished I had questioned some of them earlier.

Questions are good. Questions show that you're not a monkey just going along with what you see for no reason.
If you ever have any questions about the way that something is done, on this or any other wiki, you should ask. It might turn out that the people in charge are monkeys too.

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Although this is not directly related to Saints Row, this post is explaining why users, on all wikis, should always ask questions if they do not understand something.
452, 2013-06-02T15:37:23Z
Amen. There is a chinese proverb which says roughly this "ask a question, and you will look dumb and silly for five minutes, don't ask a question and you will be silly and dumb for the rest of your life".
I came across this page thanks to your high detailed profile (I really liked it, I should write my own) and I think I understand your way of thinking. Although my vision of video game is very different from yours, I share the same philosophy regarding doing things (ie: everything has a reason to be there/done, if not, don't do it).
Why is there limitation in video games (including Open world games)? To make the communication clear between the author and the audience, like in any medium before it.
Why gameplay (driving system) and game mode (escort activity and races are two game modes which shares/uses the same gameplay) are often mistaken by the audience? That's a big question we need to answer
When I look at Saints Row 1/2 I see many great game modes (activities) which use terrible gameplays : Bad shooting system compare to Gears of War (2006), average driving system compare to Burnout 3 (2005), terrible melee system compare to God Hand (2006), bad plateforming system compare to well, any good plateformers from the 90's!
If you look at the Saints Row series, you will notice that the gameplay improved from game to game, but  the variety/quality of game modes shreaken. Depending on what you are looking for in a videogame, you will have different perspectives on the evolution of the series.
Are you looking for variety of game modes whatever the quality of gameplay, or solid gameplay enjoyable thanks to their defined/polished/limited game modes? There is no definitive answer here, to each is own for a good reason (we are human, not insect).
One example. In SR1/2 there is only one kind of pedestrian enemy, which make all the fight against pedestrian dull (and SR1/2 feature a lot of them). Fighting the same enemy over and over is just ininteresting in itself and the aftermath is that all game modes which involve them feel redundant. In SR3, the variety of footsoldiers is bigger thanks to the shieldmen and the brute. This adds a layer on battle design which can turn a fight into something interesting to do in itself (Gears of War series to quote a modern franchise). This is how Doom (the FPS based on exploring created by ID Software in 1993) showed/explained why Wolfenstein 3D (its elder brother from 1992) was just dull.
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