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Posted by on 2013-09-26 04:16:05

Accessing DLC across multiple profiles, is it possible? I have the original hardrive, but a new console, and the profiles are both on the the hardrive, will I be able to play the DLC on the new profile if the old profile downloaded it?, 2013-09-26T04:16:05Z

I have no solid answer, and I don't have personal experience with this, but why don't you just play it with the old profile? Why are there two profiles involved?
Regardless, it's my understanding that you purchase DLC it is associated with your profile, and when you download it to your console, it becomes locally associated with your console. Meaning:
  • Your profile can play the DLC anywhere
  • Any profile on your xbox can play the DLC
It's also my understanding that if you copy your profile to a different xbox, then connect to xbox live, you can download the DLC there, with the same rules.
It's also my understanding that there is "license transfer" mechanism whereby you can transfer ownership of the DLC from your old profile to your new profile.
Like I said, I don't have personal experience with any of this, but I've looked into it a little when trying to work out how the hell I can buy DLC without having to take my xbox to starbucks.
Edit: Also, why don't you turn the xbox on and find out?
452, 2013-09-26T11:22:14Z

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