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Saints Row 2

The University Loft is a crib in Saints Row 2.


It costs $15,000 and is located in the Frat Row neighborhood of the Stilwater University District. It has all the usual features of a crib, and a car garage at the rear of the building. While the Crib is somewhat dilapated when it is first purchased, it is quite nice once fully upgraded.


There are 15 Crib Customization options.

Item Options
Overall Style Cheap
Ultra Modern
Home Theater 10 inch TV
24 inch TV
50 inch Plasma
Table Cheap
Pool Table
Stripper Pole No pole
Rough pole
Pimp pole
Bed Twin size
Queen size
King size


  • The default Radio Station playing inside the University Loft is 99.0 The Underground.
  • The upstairs Safe sometimes appears glitched as a door with nothing behind it.
  • The Crib Customization marker is very near an Idle action node, so The Protagonist often starts drinking after exiting the customization menu.
  • The "King Size" bed is rather small.
  • There is a door in the kitchen which is accessible by default, but is behind the cabinets after upgrading the Overall Style.
  • There is a barbershop quartet spawning location opposite the front door.
  • There is a glitch in Co-op where the host can not open the doors to the house, but the guest can. The guest leaving can fix this.


  • University Loft purchased
  • Save file image for University Loft
  • University Loft - Cheap - bed
  • University Loft - Cheap - downstairs towards fireplace
  • University Loft - Cheap - downstairs towards kitchen
  • University Loft - Cheap - entrance
  • University Loft - Cheap - exterior
  • University Loft - Cheap - kitchen
  • University Loft - Cheap - Sofa Pillow
  • University Loft - Cheap - Stash
  • University Loft - Cheap - TV
  • University Loft - Cheap - Weapons Cache and Wardrobe
  • University Loft - Classy - bed
  • University Loft - Classy - downstairs towards kitchen
  • University Loft - Classy - entrance
  • University Loft - Classy - fireplace
  • University Loft - Classy - kitchen
  • University Loft - Classy - Stash
  • University Loft - Classy - stripper pole
  • University Loft - Classy - table
  • University Loft - Classy - TV
  • University Loft - Classy - Weapons Cache and Wardrobe
  • University Loft - Ultra Modern - bed
  • University Loft - Ultra Modern - downstairs towards kitchen
  • University Loft - Ultra Modern - entrance
  • University Loft - Ultra Modern - fireplace
  • University Loft - Ultra Modern - kitchen
  • University Loft - Ultra Modern - pool table
  • University Loft - Ultra Modern - Stash
  • University Loft - Ultra Modern - Stripper pole
  • University Loft - Ultra Modern - TV
  • University Loft - Ultra Modern - Weapons Cache and Wardrobe


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