Ultor Dome
Postcard hood ultor dome
Ultor Dome Postcard





Westside Rollerz SR
Sons of Samedi SR2

Unlocked after

Liberation SR
Bad Trip SR2

City Income

$200 SR
$500 SR2



Notable buildings

Pool hall SR
Ultor Dome


Demolition Derby SR
Racing SR
Snatch SR
Fight Club SR2




Saints Row
Saints Row 2

Ultor Dome is a neighborhood in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

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Not to be confused with Ultor Dome (building)


This neighborhood is located in the the Arena District of Stilwater, and is named after the prominent Ultor Dome, although the neighborhood also includes several stores in the area around the Dome.

In Saints Row, this neighborhood is Westside Rollerz turf and is acquired after the mission "Liberation".

The Protagonist gets a call to meet Lin at a pool hall in this Neighborhood, but it turns out to be a trap set by William Sharp who had figured out she was really a Saint.

After revealing that Lin was a traitor to Donnie, Sharp ultimately shot The Protagonist and Lin, locked them in a trunk, and pushed the car into the river northwest of the Ultor Dome, resulting in Lin's death.

The Ultor Dome was also the site of the only instance of Demolition Derby in the game.

In Saints Row 2, the neighborhood belongs to Sons of Samedi, and is acquired after the mission "Bad Trip" despite the mission not involving the area at all.

It is also the site of the final Brotherhood mission, Showdown, despite being considered Sons of Samedi territory.

Demolition Derby was now at the Culex Stadium, but a Fight Club was now going on here near the locker rooms of the Ultor Dome.

Banners on the dome and the nearby Sports Bar seem to indicate that the Dome is where the Stilwater Sharks play their games, but it must be the off season during the game as the Dome interior is currently set up for some sort of vehicular activity, as evident during the Maero encounter.



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  • The Newspaper Clipping for the Brotherhood mission Bank Error in Your Favor erroneously says Jessica died at the Ultor Dome when in truth it was the Culex Stadium.
  • It is possible to use flashbangs or other grenades while using the "SLAP THAT ASS" taunt can get through the stadium door.
  • In the game data files, there are some references to this neighbourhood as "Ashland Arena".


  • Neighborhood unlocked in Saints Row
  • Ultor Dome Map in Saints Row 2
  • Neighborhood unlocked in Saints Row 2
  • Store ownership billboard near Ultor Dome
  • Ultor Dome in Saints Row 2 - aerial view
  • Ultor Dome in Saints Row 2 - Cycles
  • Ultor Dome in Saints Row 2 - Foreign Power
  • Ultor Dome in Saints Row 2 - side of Ultor Dome
  • Ultor Dome in Saints Row 2 - statue
  • Ultor Dome in Saints Row 2 - Strausners
  • Ultor Dome in Saints Row 2 - the shops at Somerset
  • Ultor Dome in Saints Row 2 - Ultor Dome front and statue
  • Ultor Dome in Saints Row 2 - walkway
  • Ultor Dome in Saints Row 2 - Western Kangst Plaza


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