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The first Turret in the game

Turrets are stationery vehicles with Mounted Weapons in Saints Row IV.


Turrets appear in multiple places in the game as weapons emplacements. They can be picked up with Telekinesis, or knocked aside by explosions or Super Sprint.

The first type of Turret appears on lawn of the White Crib, and is automatically entered as part of the mission.[1]

Outside of missions, Turrets (Turret HS) appear at the Hotspots. After all Hotspots are deleted, Turrets do not appear anywhere else unless they are spawned by editing the game files or garage.

Most other Turrets in the game can be entered and exited with the normal Control.


There are 5 different Turrets in the game:

Turret WH

Turret WH SRIV

The turret outside the White Crib with a patriotic paint scheme. It has two autocannons, two rocket launchers and two unusable mini-guns.

Turret SRIV

A basic turret with a 4-barrel Mini-Gun. It has a small turret ring and a shield on the lower side that partially protects the operator.

Sgturret SRIV

Another basic turret that looks essentially the same as the "Turret". This turret has 3 times greater mass.
Turret HS

Turret HS SRIV

Hotspot version of the "Turret". The weapon only differs by having a red mounting platform with small borders.

Turrets SRIV

Installed on The Ship. These are used during Matt's Back.


Name Class Hostage Speed Nitro Mass Torque Hitpoints Grip Turn Speed Turn Angle Capacity
Turret WH
Turret HS
Sports Exotic 85 95 1500 500 7000 0.035 40.0 37.5 1
Turrets Heli Exotic 75 4700 1000 7000 0.025 40.0 35.0


  • Internally, they are vehicles, and can be added to the Garage by modifying the game files.
  • All Turrets (except "Turrets") have the same vehicle statistics as the Torch.
    • The Turret WH is named "Torch" in-game and uses its logo.


  • The Protagonist using a Turret
  • Turret
  • Sgturret
  • The White Crib Turret
  • The Hotspot Turret
  • The Ship Turret
  • Another view of The Ship Turret in Matt's Back


  1. Mission: The Saints Wing
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