Trench Warfare
Saints Row Moneyshot - Trench Warfare target dead
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Pillars of Ultor Shifty Snipe

Trench Warfare is the third mission in Saints Row: Money Shot.


This mission takes place in an Ultor shooting range, and has a 35 second timer.


  • Collect 6 points pickups in one shot.
  • Earn 100,000 points.
  • Complete Mission while flying only at Max
  • Complete Mission with at least 25 seconds left.
  • Hit 6 destructible objects in one shot.


  • The internal name for this mission is Inf_Tunnel_D.


  • Trench Warfare objectives
  • Trench Warfare mission start
  • Trench Warfare end target
  • Trench Warfare end target, dead


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