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Mr. Wong's Translator
Hitman - Lost In Translation - Translator
Translator in Saints Row
Mr. Wong's Translator
Translator in Saints Row 2
Appears in

Saints Row
Saints Row 2





Mr. Wong's Translator is a character in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

Please, I would never kill my favorite assassin.
— Mr. Wong's Translator after showing his allegiance to the Saints


As Mr. Wong speaks very poor English, he brings a Translator wherever he goes. The Translator, whose name is never revealed, has shoulder-length black hair and carries a VICE 9.

In Saints Row, Mr. Wong shoots him in the leg for mistranslating something he said, and afterwards he walks with the assistance of a walking stick. Despite this, the Translator shows undying loyalty to Wong, having remained at his side.[1]

In Saints Row 2, the Translator helps to explain to the Saints that Mr. Wong's dog Sadie was killed by Shogo Akuji several years before.[2] When Kazuo Akuji attacks the Heritage Festival with a team of Ronin, Johnny Gat fights off The Ronin as Mr. Wong and the Translator escaped, only to bump into Akuji himself. The Translator then calls The Protagonist for assistance.[3]


  • The Translator's real name is not revealed during the game, and the game data files refer to him only as "Translator".


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