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What Goes Up...
What Goes Up mission complete
"What Goes Up..." mission completion screen
Story arc

Los Carnales




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House Call Battlefield Promotion[1]

"What Goes Up..." is the tenth and final mission of Los Carnales story arc in Saints Row.

Luz: "Actually, they're this season's new--"
The Protagonist: "Bullshit, that's last year's fall collection."
Fashion Faux Pas African American CUTSCENES 0347
Luz and The Protagonist, at the airport.


Dex pulls up alongside The Protagonist outside the church and informs him that Angelo Lopez and the remaining Carnales are trying to flee Stilwater via a Graham Jet XL8000 plane, in an attempt to rebuild elsewhere.[2]

After rushing to the airport, Dex takes the wheel as The Protagonist guns down all opposition. The Protagonist manages to destroy the plane as it is taking off, killing everyone inside it, including Angelo Lopez. With Los Carnales completely defeated, Dex congratulates The Protagonist after sending off Luz, who arrives at the airport too late.[3][4]

Good job man, I'll tell Julius we're done here. Take Angelo's ride, I'll drive this back to your crib. [...] Ya know what, I think Julius was right about you.
What Goes Up Dex
— Dex


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

One of Troy's crew spotted Angelo making his way toward the airport, intent on skipping town and rebuilding his gang somewhere else. Acting quickly, you arrived just in time to head him off at the runway. In the ensuing gunfight, you and Dex managed to take out Angelo's plane before it could escape, and the last surviving leader of Los Carnales was taken down once and for all.


What Goes Up gameplay

Gameplay from the mission.

What Goes Up RPG Launcher

It is absolutely vital to take out these 4 RPG Launcher-wielding targets over anything else.

The Carnales finale can only be played upon completion of the previous mission, "House Call", and all related Strongholds: "Fox Drive Weapons Plant", "Stoughton Shipyard", "Black Bottom Refinery", "Cecil Park Drug Lab", and "Charlestown Warehouse".

Go to the airport and stop Angelo.

The mission begins with a generous 2:28 minute timer to drive to Wardill Airport.

Destroy the plane before it takes off.

After arriving, Dex takes the driver's seat, and the player is given the difficult task of protecting Dex's vehicle from an onslaught of Carnales vehicles while he slowly drives around the airport to get to the plane. What can make this mission challenging is the pin-point accuracy of 4 Carnales guards who have RPG Launchers. The vital method to passing this mission is knowing where they are and realizing that they all are standing next to explosive barrels. Equip the K6 Krukov and shoot at the explosive barrels rather than the Carnales themselves - when the barrels explode they instantly die. Do not concentrate on anything else but these 4 Carnales.

The first two Carnales members with RPG Launchers is directly ahead after smashing through the gate and turning left; one is directly on the ground in front of the Nightingale, while the other is to the right, on top of a roof. The third is just before taking the first ramp, to the right on top of a crate. The last can be taken out after taking the second ramp onto the roof, and is directly to the right of the vehicle after it lands. The second RPG Launcher-wielder is directly to the left.

Once Dex approaches the plane, the player should quickly equip the RPG Launcher and spam rockets at it. Dex moves the vehicle erratically at first, but eventually drive alongside the plane, just behind it and to the side, at an even speed, allowing some easy shots with the RPG Launcher.


After the plane is destroyed and Angelo Lopez is finally killed, Wardill Airport is acquired along with a new Crib, and an assortment of Carnales-themed unique vehicles.

If all three story arcs have been completed, the "Battlefield Promotion" cutscene plays, and the "Stuffing the Ballot" mission becomes available.


The mission can be failed by getting Smoked or busted, abandoning/killing Dex,[5][6] not reaching the airport in time,[7] unsuccessfully defending Dex's car,[8] or failing to prevent Angelo Lopez from escaping Stilwater.[9]


  • Wardill Airport neighborhood unlocked
  • Lopez Mansion Crib unlocked
  • Dex's car (unique Raycaster) unlocked
  • Los Carnales unique cars unlocked


Main article: Newscasts
SR1 News Shared 0046 Jet Explosion
Jack Armstrong: "I'm Jack Armstrong. A private jet exploded over Stilwater this afternoon, stunning those on the ground that watched it happen. Our Jane Valderamma has the report."
Jane Valderamma: "The plane had just taken off from Stilwater International when something went terribly wrong. It was less than two miles out when the plane fragmented in mid-air. The flight plan registered with air traffic control lists the pilot as Angelo Lopez, brother of recently-murdered crime boss Hector Lopez. The jet, registered to a known shell company in the control of the Lopez organized crime family, was completely destroyed as the debris rained down on the lake next to the airport. Although police have cordoned off the area, pieces of the wreckage are missing, including the black box, that will contain vital clues as to what exactly happened during the last few moments of Angelo Lopez's doomed final flight."
Jack Armstrong: "Jane Valderamma reporting from Saint's Row. The latest on this, and other Stilwater stories, at the top and bottom of the hour - news as it happens. I'm Jack Armstrong."



"Dinner's Canceled" cutsceneEdit

Dex: "Hey man, we don't got time!"
Dex: "One of Troy's crew saw Angelo drivin' to the airport. We gotta stop his ass 'fore he can skip town and rebuild."
Dinner's Canceled full CUTSCENES 0188
— "Dinner's Canceled" cutscene


We don't got much time, if Lopez is able to get on that plane we're fucked.
— Dex, at the start of the mission

Dex: "I just got through paying this baby off..."
Dex: "Can you keep my car from being totalled?"
Dex: "They're tearin' my car up..."
Dex: "Aren't you supposed to stop my car from getting fucked up?"
Dex: "I swear to god, every time I fix her up, some asshole puts a bullet in my car..."
Dex: "I'd appreciate it if you could keep my ride from bein' trashed..."
Dex: "Stop these assholes from shootin' up my whip!"
Dex: "Julius better cover these damages..."
— Dex, when the vehicle is damaged
Come on man, pick it up.
— Dex, if the timer goes below roughly 50 seconds

Fuck! We lost him.
— Dex, if the timer runs out

Hey man, you're a better shot. You take the AK, I'll take the wheel. We gotta fuck that plane up good.
DEX LC10AK47 VOC-SP 0219
— Dex

Looks like we made it just in time.
— Dex, upon arriving at the airport

"Time to Go" cutsceneEdit

Angelo Lopez: "Luz, where are you? Well evidently you are talking to me. Luz, I apologized okay? Now get your ass to the airport. What do you mean why, have you seen the house? We gotta get outta town. It doesn't matter, just pack some things and let's go. For God's sake, just leave them. I don't give a fuck, they're shoes! Good. Good, good, good, good, I'll be waiting for you. Bye-bye. Get the plane ready, she'll be here soon."
Los Carnales gang member: "Uh... Angelo..."
Angelo Lopez: "We're taking off. You and you, let's go."
Los Carnales gang member: "What about Luz?"
Angelo Lopez: "Fuck her."
Time to Go full CUTSCENES 0192
— "Time to Go" cutscene


Angelo: "Don't you ever give up?"
Angelo: "I'm not dying like my brother!"
Angelo: "This ends here!"
— Angelo being attacked
Dex: "Where the fuck did they get rocket launchers?"
Dex: "Take out those chumps with the RPGS!"
Dex: "We gotta drop those bitches with the rocket launchers!"
Dex: "Kill those muthafuckas before they blow us up!"
Dex: "If we don't kill those guys with the rocket launchers we're fucked!"
Dex: "Drop those suckas with the RPGS before they take us out!"
Dex: "Shit, they got rocket launchers!"
Dex: "Those rocket launchers are gonna fuck us up unless you do somethin'!"
— Dex, seeing an enemy with an RPG Launcher
Dex: "Not bad man, but we gotta do a lot more damage than that."
Dex: "Keep unloadin' on that plane like that, and there's no way they can take off."
Dex: "We're close man, just a little more and the Carnales are gon' be nothin' but a memory."
Dex: "Don't let Angelo get away!"
Dex: "Angelo, you're not going anywhere!"
Dex: "That's right playa, fuck him up!"
Dex: "We can't let that plane take off!"
Dex: "You got no where to hide Angelo!"
Dex: "Do this bitch like you did his brother."
Dex: "Come on man, don't let up!"
Dex: "Get out of that plane you pussy!"
Dex: "Let's finish the Carnales for good!"
Dex: "It's over mother fucker!"
— Dex, when the vehicle is damaged
Hey I don't mean to rush you or nothin', but can you please take that bitch out?
— Dex, when time is running out

Fuck, we were so close.
— Dex, when Angelo escapes

Holy shit, we did it!
— Dex, when the plane is destroyed

"Fashion Faux Pas" cutsceneEdit

Dex: "Johnny's gonna be jealous."
Luz: "Oh my god!"
Dex: "What are you doing here?"
Luz: "I-- I-- was supposed to leave with Angelo."
Dex: "So what's in here? Guns? Money? Some uncut shit?... Shoes?"
Luz: "Actually, they're this season's new--"
The Protagonist: "Bullshit, that's last year's fall collection."
Luz: "That's not tr--"
Dex: "Just let it go man, no reason to piss off Manuel. Let's get goin'."
Luz: "So what am I supposed to do now?"
Dex: "I don't fucking care."
Luz: "I have no place to go!"
Dex: "See answer "A"."
Luz: "But you can't just leave me here!"
Dex: "Bitch, you're trying my patience."
Luz: "Can you at least tell me where Manuel is?"
Dex: "I changed my mind, shoot her."
Luz quickly drives away
Dex: "Good job man, I'll tell Julius we're done here. Take Angelo's ride, I'll drive this back to your crib."
Dex: "Ya know what, I think Julius was right about you."
Fashion Faux Pas full CUTSCENES 0196
— "Fashion Faux Pas" cutscene


  • Dex pulls up alongside The Protagonist outside the church
  • Angelo Lopez tells Luz to hurry up to the airport
  • ...but after hearing Dex and The Protagonist coming for him, decides to leave without her
  • Dex meets Luz, who is luckily late for Angelo's flight
  • Luz does not know what to do now that Angelo Lopez is dead
  • Dex thanks The Protagonist for their help
  • Gameplay from the mission


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