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3rd Street Saints (prologue)




Compton, Kenshin, Hammerhead, Shaft


Marked: 9. Minimum kills: 0

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"Three Kings" is the fourth mission in Saints Row 2.

Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


As they remove the dead bodies from the newly established Saints Hideout, The Protagonist and Johnny Gat discuss forming the crew. The Protagonist remembers Carlos, and Gat notes two people he met when he was in jail, but warns that The Protagonist needs to prove themselves first.[1]

After recruiting Carlos, Shaundi, and Pierce, they return to the Saints Hideout to find Gat canonizing some new recruits. In a scene reminiscent of the "Divide and Conquer" cutscene in the Saints Row mission "Reclamation", The Protagonist takes charge and gives a short speech on wiping out all three opposing gangs and retaking Stilwater. They assign Pierce to handle The Ronin, Shaundi to handle the Sons of Samedi, and Carlos to handle The Brotherhood. With the mission finished, the player is given their first real choice in the game: what gang do they want to take out first?[2]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

Apparently, it has all been leading up to this. It began with a presumably benign prison break, but it has ended with the resurrection of the dreaded Third Street Saints. Residents have reported multiple sightings of the purple clad crew roaming the area, doing anything and everything to impress possible recruits -- from gang related killings to dangerous joyriding. The gang has kept relatively quiet, but we at the Stilwater Gazette can only assume this is indeed just the calm before the storm.


Three Kings - Jumps Hit counter
Go to the Suburbs

There are three lieutenants located in the Suburbs District to be recruited into the 3rd Street Saints. They can be completed in any order, and each of them introduce a different gameplay mechanic.

A Kenshin and Compton are parked outside of the Saints Hideout, in addition to whatever vehicle was parked there before beginning the mission.

Recruit Lieutenants for the Saints

When playing the mission in co-op, both players must be together to start each lieutenant's request.

Hit the jumps

Shaundi is standing beside two Hammerheads, but any vehicle can be used. She directs The Protagonist to three Stunt Jumps nearby. Players only need to drive through the corona to complete the jump; landing the jump isn't all too important. Doing these correctly completes three Stunt Jumps. The first Stunt Jump is surrounded by water with only two thin pathways leading to it, and players who get ahead of themselves may end up quickly driving into the water to find themselves without a car.

The jumps cannot be triggered without Shaundi in the vehicle, although the coronas are still visible.

After completing all 3 jumps, Shaundi exits the vehicle and just stands in place.

In co-op, both players must either be in a 4 seater car with Shaundi, or complete each jump in separate cars.

Shaundi is satisfied. Find another Lieutenant
Use the tow truck to tow the car

Carlos requires the player get in the Shaft with him and drive west to Mourning Woods Cemetery, where the player must repossess a Reaper from Ramon, a character who owes Carlos money. Once the vehicle is hitched, the player must tow it back to where they met Carlos. Although this isn't a long distance away, there is an incredible difference in the handling of the vehicle. Ultimately, this section serves to introduce the Tow Truck Diversion.

The Reaper spawns when Carlos is approached, but cannot be stolen until after delivering it. Carlos speaks when inside any vehicle, and pauses if the vehicle is exited.

In Co-op, two tow trucks are provided, and there is a second vehicle to repossess, a Buffalo located in the Trailer Park.

Carlos is satisfied. Find another Lieutenant
Kill the Ronin

Pierce simply wants to kill nearby Ronin. There are only nine of them to kill spread over three different locations, but they won't put up much of a fight.

Pierce is satisfied. Find another Lieutenant

The mission ends once all three lieutenants have been recruited.


  • One Follower ability unlocked


Main article: Newscasts
MUS SHARED 00061 News update (Down Payment)
Jane Valderamma: "Like Saint Nick stuffing candies in a child's shoe, an annonomus individual hid goodies of a different sort in the Stilwater River. This morning bodies of several homeless as well as those belonging to astreet gang known as "The Sons of Samedi" were found floating down the coast. Could this be a bloody portend of things to come? Only time will tell. I'm Jane Valderamma, channel 6 news."


Newspaper tss04 Three Kings

The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard.


"Hiring Rush" cutsceneEdit

Johnny Gat: "Ya know, this ain't exactly what I had in mind for my day..."
The Protagonist: "We gotta clean this place out."
The Protagonist (Male 2): "Yo, we gotta clean this place out."
Johnny Gat: "Yo, I'm not a fuckin' janitor..."
The Protagonist: "No shit, you're a goddamn diva."
Johnny Gat: "Come on, this is the kinda shit people who just got canonized should have to do."
The Protagonist: "Good idea, we'll just ask some of the crew for help: (Looks at dead body) Hey buddy, wanna help? No? (Looks up at Gat) Looks like we're doin' this ourselves."
The Protagonist (Male 2): "Good idea, we'll just ask some of the crew for help. Hey buddy, wanna help? No? Looks like we're doin' this ourselves."
Johnny Gat: "That's my point. We can't really run a gang if we don't have, ya know, A FUCKING GANG."
The Protagonist: "You said it yourself, most of the old crew are either dead or busted by Troy... we're gonna have to start fresh."
The Protagonist: "You said it yourself; most of the old crew are either dead or busted by Troy...we're gonna have to start fresh."
The Protagonist (Male 2): "You said it yourself, most of the old crew are either dead or busted by Troy...we're gonna have to start fresh."
Johnny Gat: "Yeah, well let's get on that, 'cause I'm done moppin' up blood."
The Protagonist: "This kid Carlos helped me bust out, he seems alright but we're gonna need more...whatchu thinkin'?"
Johnny Gat: "Yo, I met some people in jail who might work, let me make some calls. Once I find out where these bitches are you're gonna have to show them that you're the real deal though....they won't just follow anybody."
The Protagonist: "It won't be a problem."
Johnny Gat: "Hey, before you go, what sort of crew you lookin' for?"
— "Hiring Rush" cutscene



I'd love to help the Saints but first I need you to do me a favor...a deadbeat friend of mine owes me money. Can you help me repossess his car?
Carlos 1617 Three Kings intro
— Carlos, upon meeting him

Carlos: "How ya been?"
The Protagonist: "Busy..."
Carlos: "Yeah, I heard what you did at Johnny's trial..."
The Protagonist (Male): "I couldn't let my boy fry. You know Gat from jail?"
The Protagonist (Female): "I couldn't let him fry. You know Gat from jail?"
Carlos: "Ya know I saw Johnny in prison once...he didn't look like a really happy guy..."
The Protagonist: "He's happy enough when he's killing somebody...seriously though, he's a good guy, just don't piss him off."
— Driving with Carlos
Carlos makes a phone call
Carlos: "Hey Ramon, what's up?"
Carlos: "Listen I don't got a lotta time I was just calling to let you know that I stole your car."
Carlos: "Are you there? Great. Here's the deal, if you don't want your car cubed I really suggest you pay me what you owe to ya later Ramon."
— While towing the car

Carlos: "So am I in the Saints?"
The Protagonist: "Yeah, you're in, Carlos...I'll meet you at the old mission."
Carlos: "See ya then..."
— After dropping off the car
Carlos: "So you're actually putting the crew back together huh?"
Carlos: "Hell yeah...but first let's kick it to Technically Legal, I haven't had a chance to relax since we busted out."
— Unused dialogue from start of mission

The Protagonist: "Aight Carlos, let's go home.."
Carlos: "I can't wait to meet the rest of the gang..."
Carlos: "So where you want me to meet you and Gat?"
— Unused dialogue from drive back

When Julius formed the Saints, my brother was one of the first to join up. He wasn't as smart as Dex, or as tough as Johnny, but he was loyal. He believed in the Saints enough to die trying to defend their church. The Saints need to reclaim this city because I don't my brother to have died for nothing.
Three Kings - Carlos outro SR2 VOC SP 02583
— Carlos, unused drive dialogue


Sup, I'm Pierce, if I'm gonna run with you I wanna see you fuck some Ronin' up...
— Pierce, upon meeting him

Pierce: "I'm definitely down for bein' with your crew."
The Protagonist: "Good, meet me at the abandoned mission house."
Pierce: "I'll be there."
— After killing the Ronin

The Protagonist: "You ready to meet the rest of the Saints, Pierce?"
Pierce: "Aight, let's do it..."
— Unused dialogue from drive back

The Protagonist: "So what's your deal?"
Pierce: "My deal is that I'm the total package. You need someone shot? I can do it. You need someone to stratagize? I can do it. You need to score court side tickets? I can do it. Ya know what the only thing I can't do is? Be stopped. (Beat) or figure out how to play pai gon poker, cause that shit don't make a damn bit of sense."
Three Kings - Pierce outro SR2 VOC SP 02233
— Unused dialogue from drive back


Hey I'm Shaundi, whaddya say you show me what you can do in that thing?
— Shaundi, upon meeting her

The Protagonist: "Whatchu say we go meet the rest of the boys Shaundi?"
Shaundi: "Good times, let's go..."
— After completing the jumps

Back when I was in jail Johnny and I set up a pruno ring. The stuff had a 20% chance of makin' ya go blind, but man did it have this great oak-y flavor ya know what I mean? Well, ya probably don't 'cause you were in a coma but you get what I'm sayin'. The point is that I was the only person who could make the stuff without killin' somebody, so I'd handle the pruno and Johnny would just beat the hell outta people until they'd buy from's was pretty cool...
Three Kings - Shaundi outro SR2 VOC SP 02143
— Shaundi, unused dialogue from drive back

Good times, good times...whenever you're getting everyone together let me know, I'd love to roll with you guys.
— Shaundi, unused dialogue from end of mission

Shaundi: "Why don't you try drivin' the wrong way?"
Shaundi: "I bet this heap can get some air, let's find a jump?"
Shaundi: "How close you think you can get to that car?"
Shaundi: "Pull the handbrake and take some corners..."
Shaundi: "Good times, let's go..."
— Shaundi, unused Driving Stunt objectives

"Welcome to the Third Street Saints" cutsceneEdit

The Protagonist: "What the hell is going on?"
Johnny Gat: "I had to do some canonizing. Hold up..."
Johnny Gat: "'re next."
3rd Street Saints gang member: "Wait, what?"
Johnny Gat: "Sorry 'bout that."
Protagonist: "Where'd you find these guys?"
Johnny Gat: "Like I said, I made some calls..."
Carlos: "You guys actually hang out down here?"
Shaundi: "I dunno...add a flat screen, some throw pillows and a hookah and this place would be alright."
Pierce: "You definitely need a stripper pole in this bitch."
Johnny Gat: "Definitely."
Carlos: "Yeah."
The Protagonist: "Oh yeah."
Shaundi: "So whatta we do now?"
Johnny Gat: "We listen."
The Protagonist: "Alright, everybody listen up, we got some serious shit to discuss. The Saints used to own Stilwater and it seems like the only muthafucka's that remember that is me and Gat. I think it's time we give those other crews a wake up call."
The Protagonist: "Now I ain't gonna lie, a lotta shit's changed since I've been outta the game, so I'm gonna need some help. Pierce, you're on the Ronin. I wanna know who's callin' the shots and what businesses they're running."
Pierce: "Done."
The Protagonist: "Shaundi, you got the Sons of Samedi."
Shaundi: "It's gotta be them?"
The Protagonist: "Fuck you say?"
Shaundi: "It's cool...I...I got this."
The Protagonist: "Carlos..."
Carlos: "The Brotherhood, I'm on it."
The Protagonist: "'Aight. Once we're done here talk to one of these guys...they'll have something for you to do. It's our time now...let's get this shit started."
— "Welcome to the Third Street Saints" cutscene

3rd Street Saints gang member: "Absolutely..."
3rd Street Saints gang member: "Yep..."
3rd Street Saints gang member: "Yeah..."
3rd Street Saints gang member: "Nice..."
— Unsorted from cutscene


  • Johnny Gat cleaning the Saints Hideout
  • Johnny Gat and The Protagonist cleaning the Saints Hideout
  • The Protagonist cleaning the Saints Hideout
  • Johnny Gat and The Protagonist cleaning the Saints Hideout
  • Johnny Gat and The Protagonist cleaning the Saints Hideout
  • A dead hobo
  • The Protagonist talking to Johnny Gat
  • Johnny Gat talking to The Protagonist
  • The Protagonist
  • Johnny Gat talking to The Protagonist
  • Johnny Gat
  • Carlos, Pierce and Shaundi
  • Carlos, Shaundi and Pierce
  • The Protagonist, Shaundi, Johnny Gat, Carlos and Pierce
  • The Protagonist, Johnny Gat, Carlos, Pierce and Shaundi
  • Shaundi
  • The Protagonist making a speech
  • Pierce
  • Shaundi
  • The Protagonist talking to Shaundi
  • Carlos
  • Three Kings - Jumps Hit counter
  • Towing the Reaper
  • Loading screen used after completing this mission
  • Loading screen used after completing this mission
  • Loading screen used after completing this mission


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