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The Mills

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The Mills
Postcard hood the mills
The Mills Postcard





Los Carnales SR
Sons of Samedi SR2

Unlocked after

Crack Down SR
Eternal Sunshine SR2

City Income

$200 SR
$500 SR2

Notable buildings

Meat packing plant SR2


Insurance Fraud SR2




Saints Row
Saints Row 2

The Mills is a neighborhood of the Factories District of Stilwater.


This Neighborhood is primarily an industrial area. To the north is water, across the water is Harrowgate, to the north west is Copperton, to the west is Ezpata, to the south west is Southern Cross, to the east is Pilsen, to the south east is Charlestown, to the south is Poseidon Alley.

In Saints Row, it is under the control of Los Carnales.

In Saints Row 2, this neighborhood is controlled by the Sons of Samedi, and contains factories and a freeway exchange. The final battle against Mr. Sunshine takes place in this Neighborhood.



  • There are no Stores in this Neighborhood.



  • Upon clearing the Crack Down mission in Saints Row both this Neighborhood and Southern Cross are unlocked. This is the only time two neighborhoods are awarded at once..


  • The Mills in Saints Row 2 - civilian smoking near Samedi graffiti
  • The Mills in Saints Row 2 - freeway
  • The Mills in Saints Row 2 - interior of slaughterhouse
  • The Mills in Saints Row 2 - Legal Lee Samedi graffiti billboard
  • The Mills in Saints Row 2 - Mr Sunshine's lair
  • The Mills in Saints Row 2 - On the Rag billboard
  • The Mills in Saints Row 2 - overpasses
  • The Mills in Saints Row 2 - road
  • The Mills in Saints Row 2 - Slaughterhouse
  • The Mills in Saints Row 2 - warehouse


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