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Ho Ho Ho Pack
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The Ho Ho Ho Pack[1] is a downloadable content pack for Saints Row.[2]

Santa Claus ensemble includes coat, hat, boots and hair. Happy Holidays!
— Description from Xbox Marketplace[2]


The Ho Ho Ho Pack is a piece of downloadable content that was released for Saints Row on December 18th 2006 to celebrate Christmas of that year. The pack adds a Santa Claus clothing into the game, as well as a Santa Claus hairstyle, beard and mustache. The price of all items in-game is $1 each. The pack was free on the Xbox 360 marketplace, and was 4.73 MB. In September 2012, this and all other Saints Row DLC were removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace, but were all added back on July 29, 2015.


From Sloppy Seconds and On The Rag only

  • Santa Hat - Clean or dirty: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Evil Black
  • Santa Coat - Clean or dirty: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Evil Black
  • Santa Pants - Clean or dirty: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Evil Black
  • Santa Boots - Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Tan, Black

From Do it Up and Shear Intensity

  • Santa Mustache
  • Santa Beard


  • The xbox marketplace shows the name as "The Ho Ho Ho Pack", but in-game it is only "Ho Ho Ho Pack"[1]


  • The Protagonist wearing the full Santa Claus outfit during Canonized
  • Santa Claus (left) standing beside Chicken Ned (right)
  • Ho Ho Ho Pack - Santa outfit side view during unknown cutscene
  • Ho Ho Ho Pack - Santa outfit closeup during Canonized
  • Ho Ho Ho Pack - Santa outfit with Troy after Canonized
  • Ho Ho Ho Pack - Santa outfit during Rico Suave cutscene
  • Saints Row DLC list


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Star saints

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