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The Television is a Crib feature in Saints Row 2.


A Television is located in all interior cribs in Saints Row 2 and allows the player to re-watch cutscenes from completed missions and play Zombie Uprising video game.


The model of the Television can be improved through Crib Customization.

Available models
  • Cheap
    • 10 inch TV
  • Average
    • Tube
    • 24 inch TV
    • 24 inch TV and Stereo
  • Pimp
    • 42 inch LCD and Stereo
    • 50 inch Plasma
    • 100 inch Plasma


Destroyed Justice after watching a cutscene in Saints Row 2

A Justice - an example of a previously destroyed vehicle after watching a cutscene.

  • The Television replaces the part of the functionality of Theaters in Saints Row. Theaters also allowed replaying missions, which is performed via the Newspaper Clipboard in Saints Row 2.
  • All cutscenes are available through the Television, except "The Anna Show", Activity and Stronghold cutscenes.
  • Rewatching cutscenes uses the The Protagonist's current appearance.
  • If the last used vehicle is destroyed before watching any cutscene, afterwards it reverts to a damaged state with all panels, windows and tires re-attached. It is impossible to enter it or damage it further.



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