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Team Fortress 2[1] is a DLC pack for Saints Row IV.

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Not to be confused with Valve Clothing Pack


Included in the DLC are 3 weapon costumes based on weapons from the video game Team Fortress 2

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This pack is only available via PC.

On Steam, it was only available for pre-ordering the game, and was not released as a separate DLC, so the only way to acquire it on Steam is to use a cracked exe.

It is included in the DRM-free Game of the Century edition on GOG.


Weapon Costume Skin Description Image
Incinerator TF2 Flamethrower Default That ... thing ... it scares me. Weapon - Melee - Incinerator - TF2 Flamethrower
TF2 Rainblower Default Do you believe in magic? Weapon - Melee - Incinerator - TF2 Rainblower
RPG TF2 RPG Default A soldier's best friend. Weapon - Explosives - RPG - TF2 RPG - Default


  • The Flamethrower's description is a reference to the "Meet the Pyro" video, in which the Heavy, during what appears to be an interview, says: "I fear no man, but that... thing... it scares me".
  • The Rainblower's description is the title of the song used in the "Pyroland" sequence of the "Meet the Pyro" video.


  • Saints Row IV DLC Unlock - Team Fortress 2
  • TF2 Rain
  • TF2 RPG
  • TF2 Flame
  • Team Fortress 2 promo image


  1. Image:
    Saints Row IV DLC Unlock - Team Fortress 2

    Name of DLC

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