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TK Mayhem

TK Mayhem is an Activity in Saints Row IV.

Cause widespread Mayhem by throwing balls
— On-screen help text[1]


TK Mayhem is a variation of Mayhem in which damage must be caused by throwing alien wrecking balls using Telekinesis. Weapons cannot be used during this activity, and nothing else can be picked up with Telekinesis.

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  • Easy:
    • Bronze: $150,000
    • Silver: $250,000
    • Gold: $450,000
  • Medium:
    • Bronze: $200,000
    • Silver: $350,000
    • Gold: $550,000
  • Hard:
    • Bronze: $200,000
    • Silver: $350,000
    • Gold: $500,000


  • TK Mayhem was first demonstrated in the ComicCon Livestream.[2]
  • In TK Mayhem, only the TK Force power from the ball will score points. Running won't be counted, nor will the effects of other TK Powers.
  • You do not have to throw the ball, you could simply keep it in front of you and run the same as On-Foot Mayhem. Just aim the ball slightly low to the ground and it'll cut right through most vehicles. To smash larger vehicles quickly, raise the ball over it and bring it down. Again, No Ragdoll and Immovable Object will help you keep control of the ball.


  • On-screen help text for TK Mayhem from ComicCon Livestream
  • Failure screen for TK Mayhem from ComicCon Livestream


  1. Image:
    TK Mayhem - Cause widespread carnage by throwing balls

    On-screen help text for TK Mayhem

  2. ComicCon livestream with Steve Jaros and Troy Baker
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