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The Super Secret Area is one of 32 Secret Areas in Saints Row 2.


The area is a small island to the west of Stilwater Penitentiary, and is barely visible from there. The island is not present on the map, and is off the GPS view of Stilwater. It can be accessed by boat, plane, or helicopter.

While the island itself is one Secret Area, it contains a second Secret Area, Volition Oasis, which is located behind a waterfall, and contains a small statue with the Volition logo. The statue cannot be destroyed.


  • This secret area also contains another Easter Egg. There is a Sea Creature swimming in a large circle near the Super Secret Area island.
  • There are two or three different screams played inside the Volition Oasis.


  • Super Secret Area - exterior looking south west
  • Super Secret Area - approaching from the south
  • Super Secret Area - skeleton
  • Super Secret Area - Volition Oasis
  • Skipper stuck in arch
  • Circling creature
  • Volition Oasis - interior of cave
  • Volition Oasis - exterior


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