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Sunset Park is a neighborhood of Steelport.

At this location in 1947, nothing of note happened. Seriously, we just wanted a damn park. That's it.
— Park Entrance Plaques


Sunset Park is a neighborhood that makes up the southern end of Downtown Steelport. The eponymous park from which the neighborhood derives its name from is found in the northern area. This area is the location of Rondini's Boat Dock and the Saints HQ. North of Sunset Park is Loren Square.


  • There is an Ultimate variant of the Shark beside the stone pier, although the body of water it is in is landlocked. While it is possible to push it to the ocean with the Sonic Boom, this variant is not unique and has a 50% chance of spawning in open water.
  • After "Gang Bang" a small STAG base is present in the parking lot in the northwest corner of the park, with ammunition dumps, prefabricated base modules, and at the south end of the base two Condors and an F-69 VTOL. This base remains even after the game is completed, abandoned and containing no STAG troops, only the base modules and vehicles.
  • As with the SNG base at Sierra Point, aircraft often fail to spawn immediately at this base; if they are not present, the player should move out of the immediate area and re-approach it.
  • Civilian car AI is unable to recognise the large barricades blocking the street at the base and will bash into them until they are destroyed if the player watches for long enough. At long range cars will sometimes drive right through the barricades as if they aren't there.
  • On the islands in the middle of the park are Saints Flow mascots and strippers dancing along with street performers and homeless.
  • There is a bug in the game that cause STAG base in Sunset Park to disappear while they are supposed to still occupying Steelport. This may be related to bugs/glitches caused by the The Trouble With Clones DLC, which also causes Arapice Island to reset, although the Zombies are still present.
  • In the upper east corner of the park is a Morningstar gang operation.
  • In Saints Row IV, there is a broken parking space near Mayhem Activity with vehicles spawning half inside the building.[1][2]


  • The abandoned STAG base in a completed game
  • An F-69 VTOL and two Condors South of the base
  • A street musician performing in Sunset Park
  • One of the Sunset Park entrances
  • Sunset Park Plaque


  1. Image:
    Mockingbird at the broken parking space in Saints Row IV

    Mockingbird at the broken parking space

  2. Image:
    Map of broken parking space in Saints Row IV

    Broken parking space on map (marked with "1")

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