Sunnyvale Gardens
Postcard hood sunnyvale gardens
Sunnyvale Gardens Postcard





Vice Kings SR
Sons of Samedi SR2

Unlocked after

Sunnyvale Loft SR
Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock SR2

City Income

$200 SR
$500 SR2


Sloppy Seconds

Notable buildings

Sunnyvale Loft SR
Spackle Fishing Industries SR2




Saints Row
Saints Row 2

Sunnyvale Gardens is a neighborhood in the Projects District of Stilwater.


Much like Shivington, it is mainly filled with high rise buildings and apartment complexes.

Historical street gang history covers this area. Before the events of Saints Row, Los Carnales were pushing west and the residents didn't like this. When Los Carnales finally took over the Gardens, a number of residents, led by Benjamin King, formed the Vice Kings and waged war against Los Carnales, eventually driving them out of the neighborhood. But when full-scale gang war erupted between the Vice Kings and Los Carnales, Sunnyvale was soon affected and became Vice King territory.[reference?]

During the gang war between the Vice Kings and the 3rd Street Saints, Sunnyvale Gardens falls to the Saints after The Protagonist attacks a Vice King stronghold there and wipes out the crew that was supposed to meet Warren Williams.

When the Saints disband after The Protagonist is put into a coma, Sons of Samedi take over Sunnyvale Gardens.

Several years later, The Protagonist awakens in Stilwater Prison and escapes with Carlos Mendoza by boat. They arrive at the Fishing Dock in this Neighborhood.

Sunnyvale Gardens is ultimately taken back by the Saints when The Protagonist attacks a Samedi-owned fishing dockyard and destroys the Samedi's Fishing Ship.






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