Suburbs is a district of Stilwater.


It is a large middle to upper class sector in the north west of Stilwater.

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Saints RowEdit

There are 3 neighborhoods in this Districts, the Westside Rollerz control Misty Lane and Tidal Spring, while the Vice Kings control Huntersfield.

Joseph Price's mansion and Laura's house are located within this district.

Saints Row 2Edit

The Ronin now control the Suburbs.

Huntersfield neighborhood is now called Tidal Spring. Huntersfield is now located in the Airport District, directly north of Wardill Airport.

The Price Mansion is now abandoned, with piles of garbage in the garage.

Johnny Gat lives in a middle class house in the area with his partner, the R&B sensation Aisha. Also living here are Tobias and Laura, who has moved from her old Suburbs house.

A Fuzz and Septic Avenger activities are started here.[where exactly?]

In Saints Row 2, there is a new adjacent District called "Suburbs Expansion".


  • The physical map which comes with the game names the Suburbs District as "WR Suburb", which is also the internal name for this District.


  • Suburbs map in Saints Row


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