Stilwater University Student Union
Stilwater University Student Union Stronghold
"Stilwater University Student Union" Stronghold completion screen


Story arc

Sons of Samedi

Unlocked after

"Airborne Assault"


Marked: ?. Minimum kills: ?

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"Stilwater University Student Union" is a Stronghold in Saints Row 2.

Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


Shaundi phones The Protagonist and briefs them on the Sons of Samedi's plans to recruit Stilwater University students into their gang during a cultural day at the student union.


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Stronghold, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

The University "Quad Day" turned deadly today as members of the Third Street Saints descended upon the festivities with a hail of bullets. Witnesses say it's possible the Saints were after drug dealers working for the Sons of Samedi, but in the resulting chaos claimed the lives of both gang members and students alike. A candlelight vigil is scheduled to be held outside the student union later tonight.


Stilwater University Student Union - Samedi Killed counter

Gameplay from the Stronghold.

Kill the Samedi recruiters

The first part of the Stronghold requires killing the five recruiters outside the student union.

Get to the student union

After they have been killed, go towards the marked student union, kill all opposition, and head inside.

Kill the remaining Samedi

There is be heavy resistance due to the increased number of enemies inside. Once all marked enemies have been killed inside the building, the Stronghold ends.


  • Stilwater University neighborhood unlocked


  • It is stated in the newspaper that students are killed during the events of the Stronghold, regardless of whether or not any are actually killed.


Every year Stilwater U has a cultural day in the student union where all these different clubs will do stuff like set up booths, pass out pamphlets, give away couscous, whatever. Anyway the Sons of Samedi are gonna be there today to do recruiting. If you hurry up you can take all those assholes out.
Stilwater University Student Union intro phone call SR2 VOC SP 01133
— Shaundi


  • Outside the university where the Stronghold takes place
  • Outside the university where the Stronghold takes place
  • The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the mission completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard


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