Stilwater University map in Saints Row 2

Stilwater University is a District of Stilwater in Saints Row 2.

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It is where the Stilwater University is located, as well as the Skeeters' Stadium. The District was controlled by the Sons of Samedi, and is where they sold most of their drugs. A crib is avalible to purchase opposite the arena. The University Loft is $15000 and has 12 Modifications. Multiple missions take place in this district. There is an Arena where two demolition derby's take place.

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The university has only 2 entrances, one through a tunnel and one along side Claftin Mountain. There are plenty of frat houses and students in the area, engaging in drug and alcohol usage, occasionally a streaker.


  • There is a Park toward the center of the district, near the purchasable crib. There is also a gas station on campus.
  • There is also a network of water tunnels underneath the University District and can be navigated via boat.


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