Stilwater Penitentiary from the air

Stilwater Prison is an island district of Stilwater in Saints Row 2


This district consists of the Stilwater Penitentiary and Hangman's Wharf neighborhoods. The island is located to the west of Stilwater's main two island. It is purposely isolated from the other islands to prevent the inmates from escaping, However, The Protagonist and Carlos Mendoza managed to escape from the island.[1]


  • There are some tags, one of which is underground.
  • The first Saints Row 2 mission[1] begins on this island.
  • One of the Fight Club activities is in the exercise yard.
  • Some of the inmates exercising in the yard can be heard saying "I'm gonna break Pierce's record!"
  • Laura is rescued by The Protagonist.[2]


  • Stilwater Penitentiary from the air
  • Stilwater Penitentiary from the shore
  • Stilwater Prison
  • Stilwater Prison multiplayer


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