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The Stilwater Fire Department is an emergency service in Saints Row 2.


The Fire Department are tasked with protecting Civilians from fire related emergencies.

The SFD's uniforms comprise of a yellow or red fire helmet that reads "Stillwater Firefighter 23"[sic] [1] with yellow firefighter suit with reflective tape on the wrists and arms and in the middle of the coat and black boots with yellow toes and brown or black gloves. Their motto is "Since 2006" which is on all their apparatus.

The SFD's main equipment is the Fire Extinguisher which they use to put out fires. Their main vehicle is the Blaze which they use to respond to emergencies. In Saints Row, there is a different fire truck, the Nightingale, but there is no Fire Department.

SFD firefighters hold clipboards and inspect safety equipment at Wardill Airport. The SFD perform their duties during the fire truck diversion at a burning building chasing burning civilians outside trying to put out the flames and sometimes enter the burning building but do not assist in extinguishing the fires.

They are famous for putting out the series of fires in Shivington after The Protagonist destroys the Sons of Samedi drug labs in that area, sparking fire around the entire hood.

Phone NumberEdit

The SFD can be summoned by dialing 555-FIRE (3473) on the Cellphone.

Answering machine SR2 VOC SP 04766
Answering Machine Message

After the call is placed a Blaze arrives and a fireman gets out and usually say something fire related like "who brought the marshmallows?" but if they are called after the mission Burning Down the House the fireman says something like "whatever the call is it can't be worse then the Shivington fires" or nothing at all. Generally the SFD do not put out fires that they get called to, and just get out of the fire truck and stand still, unless scared away.



  • A Stilwater Firefighter with a yellow helmet
  • A Stilwater firefighter with red helmet
  • A Firefighter carrying an extinguisher
  • A Firefighter with a red helmet carrying an extinguisher
  • Firefighter performing an inspection of a fire alarm
  • Firefighter performing an inspection of a fire hose
  • Beater variant of Blaze
  • Standard variant of Blaze
  • Bling variant of Blaze
  • The SFD livery on a Blaze
  • The name "Pumper" on each SFD Blaze
  • The unlockable firefighter outfit


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