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The Specter in Saints Row: The Third
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The Specter in Saints Row IV




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The Specter is a vehicle in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


The Specter is a prototype jetbike designed by Ultor[1] and manufactured by STAG.[2] As it is a VTOL, it can only be retrieved from Helipad Garages.

The Specter is highly manoeuvrable and can be flown at low altitudes easier than any of the other VTOL vehicles. This allows it to get into tight spaces such as tunnels and underpasses. The Specter can be switched between two modes: hover mode and flight mode, just like the F-69 VTOL and Condor. Like the other VTOL aircraft, the Specter cannot switch to landing mode while in jet mode, and must first be switched to hover mode. The Specter switches to hover mode automatically when there is no pilot.

The Specter has a front-mounted repeating laser gun. It has an 'ammo' bar below the aiming reticle in the style of the Oring; the weapon has unlimited ammunition but a firing cap that prevents firing the weapon for long periods of time.

While The Protagonist is disguised as Cyrus, the Specter is available in a choice between different prototypes. If the Specter is chosen, it is unlocked in the garage.[2] It is not possible to obtain the Specter without cheats unless it is selected during this mission.


The Specter has only one variant, and no optional or random components, and no grime.

It has 8 decals:

  • Decal 1 - CarbonFibre
  • Decal 2 - Stag black
  • Decal 3 - ultor red
  • Decal 4 - STAG black
  • Decal 5 - ultor red2
  • Decal 6 - ultor yellow
  • Decal 7 - ultor white2
  • Decal 8 - Stag

It has one paint scheme:

  • Stag White, Stag Orange and Gloss Jet Black Body
  • Ultra Bright White and Tabletop Gray Interior
  • Dark Orange Tinted Glass
  • Chrome and Black Titanium Trim

Similar vehiclesEdit

These are separate vehicles which are based on the Specter. They are not variants, but have same stats and handling.

The Moneyshot Pack contains a vehicle based on the Specter, sporting a black color scheme with Ultor logos. The phone unlock screen for the Ultor Interceptor states that the technology was leased to STAG and that the Interceptor predates the Specter.

The Witches and Wieners Pack contains a vehicle based on the Specter, named Salem. It has the shape of a flying broomstick. It is the only weaponless VTOL.

Alien-themed jetbike from the Gangstas in Space. They are flown by Space Amazons,[3] and are the only jetbikes flown by enemy NPCs in Saints Row: The Third.

The Xor jetbike is used by the Zin in Saints Row IV, and handles the same as other jetbikes.


  • The Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row: The Third is "givespecter".
  • There is no Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row IV.
  • The Specter is small enough to fly into the Rim Jobs garage and the door opens from the outside to allow it in. Doing so repairs cosmetic and body damage as per a ground vehicle. However, the garage doors close behind the hoverbike and do not open for it from the inside, and does not open from the outside when on foot.
  • It bears significant resemblance to the hoverbikes in the movie The Island.
  • While other STAG vehicles like the Crusader, F-69 VTOL, and N-Forcer all appear in missions in Saints Row IV, the Specter and the Commander do not, although both are still included in the game data files, and can be added to the Garage by editing the game files or using a garage editor. However, the Spectre's guns have serious aiming issues and fire in a completely different direction from where the pilot is aiming.


Kia: "Sir, R&D has sent a prototype for a new vehicle; a jet propelled cycle."
Female Voice 2: "Just the thing for forest combat, yes?"
Kia: "Sir?"
Female Voice 2: "It is well built? Not likely to blow up from hitting a tree?"
Kia: "No sir, it is top quality."
— The Protagonist referencing Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi during My Name is Cyrus Temple


  • Promo image of Saints Row: The Third Cat & Mouse with the Specter as the "mouse"
  • The Specter being flown around Steelport in Saints Row: The Third
  • A leaked image of the Specter
  • The Specter, in hover mode, in the Vehicular Improvements video for Saints Row: The Third
  • Specter in the Garage in Saints Row: The Third
  • Specter (hover) (front) in Saints Row: The Third
  • Specter (hover) (rear) in Saints Row: The Third
  • Specter (hover) (side) in Saints Row: The Third
  • Specter (jet) (front) in Saints Row: The Third
  • Specter (jet) (rear) in Saints Row: The Third
  • Specter (jet) (side) in Saints Row: The Third
  • Specter in Saints Row: The Third
  • Specter in Saints Row: The Third
  • The Specter in Hover Mode in Saints Row IV
  • The Specter in Jet Mode in Saints Row IV
  • Specter in Saints Row IV
  • Specter (STAG) - front in Saints Row IV
  • Specter (STAG) - rear in Saints Row IV
  • Specter (STAG) - side in Saints Row IV


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