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Space Amazon promo with Laser Pistol and Auto Laser

Space Amazons, with Auto Laser and Laser Pistols

Space Amazons are a fictional race in the Gangstas in Space DLC for Saints Row: The Third.


Space Amazons carry Laser Pistols[1], Auto Lasers[1] and Laser Cannons[reference?]. The species seems to be a female only race. They wear a space corset and a mind control helmet. Princess Kwilanna is also a member of their race, but becomes a traitor to her people by joining the side of film's human protagonist. Kwilanna and The Protagonist upload a virus which kills all the Space Amazons, save for Kwilanna herself.

In reality, they like Jenny are just actresses and stunt women hired for the film.

They are unlocked for Gang Customization after completing Faster, More Intense!, under the Alien style option.

There are 2 types, blue and purple.

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Notable Space AmazonsEdit

  • Princess Kwilanna - portrayed by The Protagonist's co-star Jenny Jaros.
  • Space Brutina - a female brute and clone of Oleg hired by director Andy Zhen.
  • Kwilanna Doubles - Actresses hired by Zhen to takeover Jenny's role as Kwilanna. However they are killed backstage and as a result do not appear in the film.


  • Mind Control Helmet - Space Amazon mind control headgear that is unlocked for purchase in all stores and added to the Wardrobe. Taunting/Complimenting NPCs while wearing it causes them to react as they would it hit by a shot from the Mollusk Launcher, breakdancing then attacking others.




  • Space Brutina is the only Space Amazon who is a Brute.
  • Space Amazons are featured on the Gangstas in Space poster.
  • The only other clothing item with a unique attack is Killbane's Mask.
  • Technically, the Space Amazon are really just humans in costume playing a role in the film. Likewise the Aegean and the Scythe are just high tech props, complete with working weapons and VTOL flight capabilities.
  • While inside of a vehicle, a Space Amazon's headgear disappears.
  • By the ending of Gangstas in Space, Princess Kwilanna is the only surviving member of the Space Amazon race.
  • Space Amazons have ability to take human shield should any other individuals (such as generic Saints if recruited prior starting the mission Hangar 18 1/2) appear close to them while in combat. They have ability to take other weapons as well should they disarm the Saints during aforementioned mission but do not drop upon killed.


  • Space Amazon promo with Laser Pistol and Auto Laser


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    Space Amazon promo with Laser Pistol and Auto Laser

    Space Amazon promo with Laser Pistol and Auto Laser

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