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Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Sinterpol Armory is a weapon Store in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[1]


Sinterpol Armory kiosks replace Friendly Fire as weapon stores and are located all around New Hades. They have no interior, the store menu is accessible when standing near a kiosk. In addition to purchasing and upgrading weapons, it is also possible to wipe Notoriety there.[2]

There are 10 Sinterpol Armory kiosks in total.[3]

The Stores become accessible after completing the "Welcome to Hell" Quest and is fully introduced during the "Gear Up" Quest.

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Locations Edit

Gat out of Hell - Stores map

Sinterpol Armory map

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

  • Sinterpol armory kiosk
  • Sinterpol Armory menu
  • Sinterpol armory kiosk
  • 3 Lava Cannons inside a Sinterpol Armory kiosk

References Edit

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