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Simulations are virtual realities in Saints Row IV.

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The Zin have multiple virtual prisons in which captives are imprisoned in order to mentally break them, with each Simulation being based on the subject's deepest and darkest fears. The Simulations construction was overseen by Zinjai on behest of Zinyak and was later tested on Zinjai.[1]


Name Appearances
50s Steelport, AKA Pleasantville A Pleasant Day, Hello Teacup
Virtual Steelport, the main setting of the game During and after The Fundamentals
Deckers Virtual Reality Miller-Space
Morningstar Jumbo Jet and On Track Night Club De Plane Boss
Mission Beach, Saint's Row King Me
Saints HQ and Magarac Island The Saints Flow
Underground Ultor Facility The Case of Mr. X
2D Mock Up of North Stilwater Welcome Back
Genkibowl Arena Gat Time, Fun Time
Back Alley and TV Studio of Unnamed City He Lives
Mainframe Grand Finale
C.I.D's Rifts Platforming Rift, Speed Rift, Telekinesis Rift
Christmas Steelport Miracle on 3rd Street
The North Pole The Fight Before Christmas

50s SteelportEdit

Subjects: The Protagonist and Kinzie Kensington

This Simulation is referred to in the game files as "Pleasantville", after the similar town in the film of the same name.

The 1950s Steelport is originally uses to house The Protagonist during A Pleasant Day as their nightmare is a city based on normality, pleasantry and order, a prison of peace. This is what is supposed to break The Protagonist as they dislike this sort of life. This only at best, freaks out The Protagonist and makes them drive around until Kinzie contacts The Protagonist. The Simulation fails when Kinzie informs The Protagonist that the best way to break the Simulation to cause as much chaos as possible, which is successful and forces Zinyak to intervene and moves The Protagonist into the more secure Virtual Steelport.

Kinzie also gets subjected to this same Simulation during Hello Teacup, wearing 1950s clothing with a poodle skirt under the supervision of Cyrus Temple who is the mayor of the Simulation that is organising a rally. The Protagonist however, returns to this Simulation when they follow some numbers Keith David overheard during his short lived betrayal and CID located the secret entrance in which allowed him to locate Kinzie. The Protagonist would after encountering 2 decoys find Kinzie, reprogram the speakers to play 1950s music and causing a glitch to make Kinzie and everyone else dance, then defeats Cyrus which allows Kinzie to be released from the Simulation and wake up on The Ship

The only vehicles that spawn are old-fashioned cars such as Hollywoods and Gunslingers. The pedestrians in "Steelport" always respond non-violently to insults and attacks, and usually run away when threatened.

Only two buildings are enterable in "Pleasantville"; The Protagonist's suburban "home", and Ginger's Dive, the diner where The Protagonist enters during A Pleasant Day.

Deckers Virtual RealityEdit

Subject: Matt Miller

The Deckers Virtual Reality is based on Matt Miller's own Deckers user net back in the mission http://deckers.die in Saints Row: The Third, but is controlled by the Zin. Matt being trapped in his own world that he can't control is Matt's nightmare, and is trapped in the Text Adventures into fighting Killbane, who Matt had a fear of Killbane back in Saints Row: The Third. Matt is rescued from his Simulation after The Protagonist fights past the security with additional assistance from Kinzie, using a Recursor tank and X-2 Phantom to get to Matt's personal prison and completing the Text Adventure.

Morningstar Jumbo Jet and On Track Night ClubEdit

Subject: Shaundi

The first Simulation is Phillipe Loren's Jumbo Jet from the mission I'm Free - Free Falling back in Saints Row: The Third. Shaundi nightmare is being forced to relive Johnny Gat's death, which is used to exploit Shaundi's Survivor's guilt.[2][3] When The Protagonist arrives, Johnny turns into Zombie Gat and forces Shaundi to kill him, but Zinyak moves Shaundi out of the Jumbo Jet and forces The Protagonist to go back through the plane to find Shaundi. The plane becomes into a nightmare version, with distorted voices speaking down on and taunting Shaundi to exploit her guilt of apparently being carried through everything.

The second Simulation takes place in the On Track nightclub in Stilwater, where Shaundi has to relieve the time when she was captured during Veteran Child (Mission) in Saints Row 2 when she was younger. The Protagonist arrives and saves her from Veteran Child. The result was The Protagonist saving Shaundi from her 2 Simulations, albeit causing Shaundi to split into her normal self and her Saints Row 2 self.

Saint's Row, StilwaterEdit

Subject: Benjamin King

The simulation is a recreation of part of the old Saint's Row district from Saints Row. Benjamin King attempts to flee to the Saints Row Church for help from his old friend Julius and his gang the 3rd Street Saints after being betrayed by Tanya Winters, Anthony Green and his own gang (based on "For King and Country"). Regardless he is killed over and over. The Protagonist enters into the simulation to retrieve King to fight the Vice Kings, kills Anthony and they battle Tanya who disappears.[4]

When The Protagonist first arrives in the virtual Saint's Row, a reminiscence of their first arrival in Stilwater occurs, with walking by a man selling watches, a female wanting to give them a "good time" before coming across 3 Vice Kings getting pissed off at a Westside Rollerz tag.

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  • There are at least 31, as Zinyak refers to the main simulation as "Simulation 31".



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