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Sierra Point
Steelport - South East
Map of Sierra Point in Saints Row: The Third



South East



Notable buildings

Guard Armory




Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV

Sierra Point is a neighborhood in the South East District of Steelport.


Sierra Point is an island in Steelport, which is a restricted area, used by the SNG, and STAG when occupying Steelport, as a U.S. Military Base. Sierra Point has its own aircraft area, vehicle area, and a warehouse which houses many boxes and containers.

Sierra Point is sometimes simply referred to as the Armory.[2]

It is raided by the Saints in order to get weapons and a bomb.[2]


Like the STAG base in Sunset Park, aircraft do not always spawn, especially if it is approached from the air, but may spawn after leaving and returning.

  • Several transport Eagles and one armed.
  • One SNG Tornado in a unique desert tan colour, on a rooftop helipad.
  • One gray SNG Commander near the beach, on south side of the base.
  • Bulldogs - unarmed (without decals) and armed (with NG decals) - driving around the base (armed variant start to spawn after entering the base and it replaces the unarmed variant).
  • Desert tan Bears with SNG decals start to spawn after entering the base.


  • Sierra Point is the only neighborhood in Steelport that cannot be taken over.
    • Magarac Island also cannot be controlled in Saints Row: The Third. Unlike Sierra Point, Magarac Island does not have any roads, is not a neighborhood, and is not part of a district.
      • In Saints Row IV, Magarac Island is a City Takeover territory, making Sierra Point the only neighborhood which cannot be controlled.
  • After the arrival of STAG the National Guard is replaced by STAG soldiers, but there are still unarmed SNG Bulldogs driving around.
  • As it is a restricted area, entering the neighborhood gives 3 units of police Notoriety. Calling "Notoriety Wipe - Police" or "Notoriety Wipe - Law" removes all police Notoriety, but staying in Sierra Point causes the Notoriety to be reapplied.
    • The Notoriety is still given when using the Reaper Drone to attack from the mainland.
    • In Saints Row IV, there is no automatic notoriety for entering Sierra Point, unless a Golden CID has been captured previously within the same game session.
  • Sierra Point is a restricted area, so there are only Guardsmen walking around instead of civilians.
    • On rare occasions, civilians spawn on the island, along with some cars driving along the road.
  • In Saints Row: The Third only SNG soldiers are dispatched while on the island. After STAG has arrived, Steelport Police officers, SWAT teams and STAG are dispatched instead.
  • The symbol of SNG drawn on the base is Mr. Toots, the pony gun from Red Faction: Armageddon, another Volition game.
  • The District name, "South East", is only displayed once, when entering Sierra Point for the first time.[3]
  • In Saints Row IV, entering Sierra Point automatically turns off vehicle lights driven by NPCs.


  • "SP Brigade - Air Cavalry Training" logo
  • "SP Brigade - Air Cavalry Training" logo, in game


  1. Note: 2 of these Stunt Jumps are drawbridges
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  3. Image:
    South East explored

    Entering the South East district for the first time.

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