Shaundi's Loft
Shaundi's Loft exterior SRTT
Exterior of Shaundi's Loft
Also known as

Shaundi's Ex's Apartment[1]


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Saints Row: The Third

Shaundi's Loft is a Crib in Saints Row: The Third.


Located in Brickston, this crib is a small and somewhat dingy apartment on the second floor of an apartment block.

This is the first crib in Saints Row: The Third, and is unlocked after the mission "We're Going to Need Guns"

The available crib features are Wardrobe, Garage, Weapons Cache and Gang Customization.

Saints Row IVEdit

The location of Shaundi's Loft is visible in several pre-release gameplay videos for Saints Row IV, in a state of constant disintegration.[2][3] Within the simulation version of Steelport, Shaundi's loft has been destroyed by the Emperor Zinyak, much to the sadness of The Protagonist.[4][screenshot?]


  • This crib contains many purely cosmetic weapon models.[which?]
  • One of the loading screens features Professor Genki watching TV in this crib.
  • Shaundi's Ex is never identified, and is not mentioned again in the game.
  • On the unlock screen, it is called "Shaundi's Ex's Apartment" while on the map it is "Shaundi's loft".
  • All vehicles fit in the Garage at this Crib.
  • Although named "Shaundi's Loft", Shaundi does not own it. The name matches the titles of other cribs in this game: Angel's Gym, Kinzie's Warehouse, Zimos' Pad.
  • The Radio Station playing inside Shaundi's Loft is GenX 89.


  • Shaundi's Loft - exterior from west
  • Shaundi's Loft - exterior from east
  • Shaundi's Loft exterior
  • Shaundi's Loft garage
  • Stairway
  • Stairway
  • Shaundi's Loft - door
  • Shaundi's Loft - living room from door
  • Shaundi's Loft - living room from kitchen
  • Shaundi's Loft - living room from far wall
  • Shaundi's Loft - view to the right of front door
  • Shaundi's Loft - computer
  • Shaundi's Loft - kitchen
  • Shaundi's Loft - bedroom
  • A loading screen of Professor Genki in Shaundi's Loft
  • A promo image of Professor Genki in Shaundi's Loft
  • Shaundi's Loft in Saints Row IV
  • Shaundi's Loft in destruction in Virtual Steelport


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    Shaundi's Loft in Saints Row IV

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