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Bonding Experience (4)
Shaundi in Saints Row 2
Shaundi (SRTT Face Shot)
Shaundi in Saints Row: The Third'
Shaundi (Super Saint) close up
Shaundi in Saints Row IV
Fun Shaundi (Face Shot)
Fun Shaundi Saints Row IV
Future Shaundi (Face Shot)
Future Shaundi in Saints Row IV
Appears in Saints Row 2
Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV [1][2][3]
Enter the Dominatrix
How the Saints Save Christmas
Gender Female
Home Stilwater
Affiliations 3rd Street Saints
Veteran ChildPre SR2
Vehicles Voyage SR2
Torch SRTT
Weapons .45 Shepherd SRTT
K-8 Krukov SRTT
Viper Laser Rifle SRTT
Alien Rifle SRIV
Occupation(s) Drug trafficker SR2
TV host/Reality TV Star SRTT SRIV
Director of the Secret Service SRIV
Queen of the Raptors ETD
Voiced by Eliza Dushku SR2
Danielle Nicolet SRTT SRIV[4]
Jennifer Jules Hart SRIV (Young Shaundi) [5]

Shaundi is a character in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV, Enter the Dominatrix and How the Saints Save Christmas.

"Boss, you gotta get me out of here. He's proposed to me six times!"
— Shaundi telling The Protagonist about Josh Birk's marriage proposal to her


Shaundi is a Sandy Brown (Saints Row 2) or Brunette (Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV) Caucasian female that looks to be in her early 20's as of Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, and despite the drug abuse in Saints Row 2, Shaundi appears to be very healthy. She has a short, but slender, feminine like body that's defined by Shaundi's outfits she regularly wears. By Saints Row IV, Shaundi still retains her youthful looks, but physically she's become slightly more buxom outside the simulation, possibly due to how young she was in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third and how much she's physically matured since, while she retains her looks from Saints Row: The Third inside the simulation. In How the Saints Save Christmas, the Future Shaundi has once again physically matured,but still remains physically young. However, she's lost her right arm and her left eye prior to coming back to the present day, having a bionic arm and eye as replacement, with the middle and right side of her head having been operated on with a surgical ring on her forehead and a seal on the right side of her head.

In Saints Row 2, she wears "Women's Camisole 4", light purple bell-bottom jeans a Wings 1 lower back tattoo and a star tattoo (Nautical Star)[6] on her hand. She has sandy brown dreadlocks with a purple bandanna and a single silver stud piercing centered below her lips, and wears a pair of Vollies/Converse-style sneakers.

In Saints Row: The Third, Shaundi no longer dresses in her 'Burnout Hippie' outfit and has gotten rid of her Sandy brown dreadlocks, dressing more professionally than in Saints Row 2 due to her new dating show and the Saints becoming famous icons to the public. She wears purple skin-tight pants that lower slightly in the front, and a tight purple crop top that exposes her midriff region, it's a much lighter shade of purple and has the SR initials in game. She wears a leather jacket over her crop top, and has tattoos around her waist, mostly in the promotional art and the game's box cover, and less so in game, although her lower back Wings 1 tattoo is no longer present, having been removed sometime before Saints Row: The Third, although the faint outline of the tattoo is still there and her star tattoo on her left hand is still present. Shaundi also wears high-heeled boots instead of Vollies, and she continues to wear a choker necklace. Her now Brunette hair is pulled back into a ponytail that branches off into multiple flocks, while a fringe of hair waves freely in front of her face.

Shaundi wears a chain-belt in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third. Both of these belts are unique to her and cannot be purchased at stores.

In Saints Row IV, the Shaundi introduced in Saints Row: The Third as well as the "Burnout-Hippie" Shaundi from Saints Row 2 are present in the game, although the SR2-era Shaundi is only in the Simulation and is not actually real, while the modern-day Shaundi is the real living one. While Shaundi is in the White Crib serving as the Director of the Secret Service, she wears a black blazer done up with the top opened out slightly which exposes her cleavage and wears a matching skirt that goes down to just above her knees. She also wears tights and a pair of black high heels. Her hair is pulled back into a large bun with pearls on the back and braids wrapped at the base, and her fringe is present in and out of the Simulation. She wears a pair of pearl stud earrings, and a silver necklace. While on the Spaceship, Shaundi like the rest of the crew, her blazer and skirt replaced with a spacesuit that like her blazer, she leaves the zip down which leaves her cleavage slightly exposed. Her hair is still tied back into a bun and she wears the earrings, silver necklace and high heels as well.

Within the Simulation when she is rescued during "De Plane Boss" and before completing her Loyalty mission, the modern-day Shaundi wears her Saints Row: The Third outfit: purple crop top, purple skin-tight pants, leather jacket, high heal boots and choker necklace. Upon getting part way though her Loyalty mission her Super Powers are unlocked and completing the mission, Shaundi's outfit from the previous game is replaced with a black leather midriff and skin tight black and purple pants, equipped with 2 holsters and padding protection and the Saints fleur-de-lis icon on her belt, along with a set of high-heeled boots. She once again wears a choker necklace reminiscent of her SRTT choker, her hair is pulled back into a wavy ponytail, and wears purple gloves that go up to just below the elbows with the Saints fleur-de-lis icon adorned near the top.

The Saints Row 2-era Shaundi wears attire similar to the game in which she hailed from. She has a purple bandanna over top of her chest-length sandy brown dreadlocks along with a single silver stud piercing centered below her lips. "Fun Shaundi", as referred to in Saints Row IV[reference?], wears a slate gray midriff tank and VERY low-riding light-purple bell-bottom jeans with spiked/silver accessories, similar to her appearance in Saints Row 2. This includes: a spiked choker necklace, silver bangles on her right arm, and two visible tattoos: a tribal-type sinking low down her back into the tip of her exposed butt-crack, and a large star on the top of her left hand, below a studded wristband. Her shoes appear to be Converse-style sneakers. The SR2-era Shaundi does not change her outfit upon getting her Superpowers unlike the modern-day Shaundi. Both versions of Shaundi are available as homies, and Shaundi's loyalty mission unlocks both versions of herself as "Super Homies", both of whom, when summoned through the phone can now also utilize various super-powers to aid The Protagonist within Virtual Steelport.

Star saints

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The Future Shaundi in How the Saints Save Christmas wears a light purple top with light padding cover over her right side, skin tight pants similar to Shaundi's Super Saint outfit, colored black with a greenish tint showing great use and damage with a plain black and white belt, and a pair of elevated platform boots. She continues to wear her normal choker necklace from SRTT and in the Simulation in SRIV, and her hair has be made to how it was back in SR2, but only has hair on the left side and non on the right side.

Attitude-wise, Shaundi's demeanor shifted drastically between Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third. As of the third game, she seemed to have matured physically, emotionally, and in terms of combat skill compared to the drugged-out, apathetic, hedonistic "hippie" archetype she was attributed to be. Shaundi is now more sensible, and takes her tasks very seriously. Shaundi expresses her feelings very strongly, and seems to have no problem with demeaning another person - regardless if they're friends or not. As common within the gang, she also has no problem with engaging in physical violence or killing another person. She is no longer a weaker combatant as in SR2.

This is quite the contrast to the Classic SR2 Shaundi, who almost embodied rebellion, drug-abuse, and amoralism. Occasionally in her company, The Protagonist would witness her consuming drugs. Shaundi appeared to have a non-chalant, sarcastic, mellow attitude throughout SR2, and while bring generally weak in combat, she wasn't non-violent, and wielded weapons. She has many connections and friends within the drug-business, and appeared to have extensive knowledge on many aspects of the Loa Dust drug, which leads The Protagonist to meeting her.

Star saints

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Shaundi's apparent large-scale self-reinvention from SR2-3 was a heavy topic in Saints Row IV during Shaundi's Loyalty mission, after her rescue mission where she discovers her former self in her simulation and expresses hate for all of the old traits and behavior she used to exhibit, possibly explaining why the change in her apparent sobriety, physical appearance, and maturated attitude. However, the two seemed to come to terms after bickering and competition due to their newfound superpowers. Shaundi seems to be the most distraught over the death of Johnny Gat: this might pose a reason as to why Shaundi continues to change emotionally on all levels; even amongst the fame and status achieved by being prominent in The Saints - she eventually became somewhat of a sex-symbol.[reference?]

It is somewhat implied that modern Shaundi is heavily regretful of past events, her old reputation, and embarrassed of what people might think about her being an elite gang-member/celebrity whilst having living evidence of her delinquent, immoral, drug-clouded past before the Third Street Saints hit stardom as of Saints Row: The Third.

Star saints

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Biography Edit

Shaundi was once a student at Stilwater University[7], during which she visited Steelport while on spring break.[8] She had relations with countless men, including Steelport's famous pimp Zimos,[reference?] and frequently mentions "one of my exes" as her source of information.[9] She also served a brief stint in prison, where she met Laura.[10]

Saints Row 2 Edit

Shaundi becomes a member of the Saints after The Protagonist impresses her with some Stunt Jumps.[11] She is later made a lieutenant and put in charge of gathering information on the Sons of Samedi,[12] a job she is initially reluctant to undertake.

She quickly begins undermining the Sons of Samedi's drug operations by learning the recipe for replicating Loa Dust, with the assistance of The Protagonist and Laura.[13] The Sons of Samedi, angry at the attack on their business, send DJ Veteran Child to deal with the problem.[14] Veteran Child finds Shaundi alone in the Saints Hideout, and after knocking her out, he kidnaps her and takes her to On Track, a dance club.[15] Once The Protagonist arrives, Veteran Child tries to use the hostage lieutenant as a shield, but The Protagonist finds a way to take him out and helps Shaundi out of the club, leaving the DJ's corpse on the dance floor.[15]

As Veteran Child had bested her, The Protagonist doubted Shaundi's ability to hold her own. It isn't until she announces her plan to bug the city's traffic cameras that The Protagonist allows her to come along, due to the fact that The Protagonist has no idea how to hack into the police computer.[16]

Once the Saints track The General down, Shaundi and The Protagonist attack him at the Rounds Square Shopping Center, fighting their way through dozens of The General's foot soldiers, before finally taking out the Sons of Samedi leader.[17]

Shaundi is unlocked as a Homie after completing the Sons of Samedi arc. When she is called using the Cellphone, she arrives in a Voyage, wielding a K6 Krukov.

Saints Row: The Third Edit

Years after the Saints conquered Stilwater, the former hippie has become more focused, both on the Saints and her celebrity status. In line with the expansion of the Saints' brand, she now has moved from drug trafficking to having her own TV dating show and a new look that is distinctly more professional than her previous bohemian style.[reference?]

Her main obsession after arriving in Steelport is destroying The Syndicate,[18] the loss of Johnny having affected her deeply and affects her for the rest of the game. As the Saints settle into Steelport, Shaundi becomes angry with how long it is taking to find and kill Phillipe Loren, and when informed about Powder by The Protagonist, she was threatening to burn it to the ground, much to The Protagonist's surprise. When they get there, Pierce and the Boss arguing about entering the place pushes Shaundi's patience to her limit and quickly shoots the guards before leading the way to the back. Shaundi hacks the computer in the building to get the details while The Protagonist and Pierce deal with the Morningstar.[reference?] Afterwards, the 3 Saints return to the Saints HQ to load up on weapons before heading to the Syndicate Tower to kill Loren, proving successful thanks to The Protagonist's quick thinking. Before they leave, Shaundi tells the crew that they should destroy the building,thinking it will send a message, although Oleg reasons that keeping the building would be useful.[reference?]

After killing Loren, the Saints head back to Stilwater to deal with Johnny's funeral, but are ambushed by Killbane's Luchadores, angering Shaundi again and goes with The Protagonist and Pierce to help get others, although she gets annoyed by the fact that their first new recruit Kinzie Kensington is an former FBI agent. After Kinzie is rescued, Shaundi gets her to safety.[reference?]

When Pierce he throws a party, Shaundi threatens to kill him over the phone, annoyed that they are partying while the Syndicate was still out there, and that the Protagonist was defending him. When at the party, she get's close to losing her cool with Pierce and Zimos and when The Protagonist and Pierce tells her that she needs to move on, she storms out frustrated at the other Saints' seeming lack of compassion.[19]

Shaundi spends her time in Steelport assisting The Protagonist to bring down the Syndicate and when Kinzie informs her and The Protagonist about Killbane tarnishing the Saints reputation, the two of them track down Killbane and Shaundi almost assassinated him but Matt Miller hit their chopper with an EMP and crashed their helicopter.[reference?] She also has to deal with watching Josh Birk during STAG Party, much to her displeasure.

When Shaundi gets kidnapped by the STAG by Kia,[20] The Protagonist has surgery in an attempt to rescue Shaundi, taking on the appearance of Cyrus Temple, and travels to the Thermopylae, taking Pierce and Viola DeWynter as "captives". The four escape, but not before blowing up the aircraft carrier, angering STAG and making them instate martial law in the city.[21]

Later, The Protagonist receives a call from Angel De La Muerte. Killbane is at the airport, fleeing the city. Halfway through the call another call comes through, this one from Kia, informing them that Shaundi and Viola are strapped to bombs at the base of the Steelport monument, and plans to kill them in the explosion so when their bodies are found, the Saints will be viewed as terrorists. The player must choose between saving the girls or annihilating the last member of the Syndicate.{{ref|Mission: [[Three Way]}}


Kill Killbane

If the player chooses to kill Killbane at the airport, Shaundi, Viola and Burt Reynolds are killed in the explosion.

Save Shaundi

If the player chooses to save Shaundi, Viola and Burt Reynolds, they travel to the Magarac Island where the three are being held. After disabling the bombs and fighting through waves of STAG soldiers, The Protagonist reaches Kia at the top of the statue, who holds Shaundi as a Human Shield. The Protagonist however, is able to kill Kia and save the hostages, and leaves with Shaundi and Pierce to go film Gangstas in Space.

The Save Shaundi ending was stated by the head writer to be the canonical ending to the game.[3] The events of Saints Row IV continue from this ending.[22]

Saints Row IVEdit

Shaundi appears in the Saints Row IV "Crossing the Delaware" teaser image [1], and a Twitter post from Steve Jaros confirms that it is her.[2] In the "War For Humanity" trailer, Shaundi is shown to step out of her old "Saints Row 2 self" in a virtual reality simulation.

At the start of the game, The Protagonist, Shaundi and Pierce join with Asha Odekar on a counter-terrorist operation to take out Cyrus Temple, who has since gone rogue. The Protagonist managed to kill Cyrus before attempting to disable the nuke he launched. Believing The Protagonist intended to sacrifice themselves, Kinzie suggested they say their final goodbyes. Shaundi told her friend that when they first met, she was just a girl in dreadlocks but The Protagonist saw her as more than that.[22]

Five years later, as The Protagonist is elected President of the United States, Shaundi is part of the cabinet, with her role being the "Director of Secret Service". Just as The Protagonist was about to attend a press conference to deal with public relations after a verbal misstep, Shaundi informs The Protagonist of a pending alien invasion, immediately before it occurs. The Protagonist and Shaundi attempt to rescue Kinzie as she is abducted by Emperor Zinyak, but Secret Service pin The Protagonist to the floor while Shaundi is captured by Zinyak. [23]

Shaundi is placed in her own virtual nightmare by the Zin, being forced to relive her failure to save Johnny Gat. As The Protagonist arrived in her simulation to rescue her, the virtual Gat comes back as a zombie, forcing her to kill it. Zinyak then sends her into another nightmare, where she is back in her old stoner appearance, being held hostage by Veteran Child. After defeating Veteran Child, modern-day Shaundi emerges out of Fun Shaundi. The Shaundis start arguing before being broken up by The Protagonist. [24]

During Psychosomatic, Shaundi has requested aid from The Protagonist to help deal with Veteran Child, but Fun Shaundi convinces The Protagonist to go after some Alien Narcotics to help power-up all 3 of them before going after him, much to modern-day Shaundi's displeasure. Fun Shaundi only leads them to some 'knock off' drugs and tells The Protagonist to go to the docks for one last attempt before going after Veteran Child. After a while of taking the second batch of drugs, both Shaundis gain Super Powers and The Protagonist Powers are enhanced. The 2 Shaundis start to get along with each other and then get into a race before finally getting into a short duel before finally going after Veteran Child. The Saints fight off mascots before Veteran Child drops copies of himself down to deal with group, and soon both Shaundis go to remove the shield protecting the real Veteran Child. After the last lot of clones are defeated, The Protagonist goes to deal with Veteran Child only to have him split into 2 copies and point a gun at each of the Shaundis, but they both disarm them and shoots both copies of Veteran Child.

Enter the DominatrixEdit

When "deleted scenes" from the cut DLC for Saints Row: The Third called Enter the Dominatrix are found, Jane Valderamma interviews the Saints on The Ship to talk about the DLC and what was cut from Saints Row IV. Shaundi shows dislike towards the Enter the Dominatrix project, and also for the fact that it followed the STAG Film ending where Pierce became Mayor of Steelport, in which Shaundi was dead.[25]

Following the Kill Killbane ending - although Shaundi is still alive - she along with The Protagonist, Kinzie and Nyte Blayde fight off attacking Zin Forces led by Zinyak who attack the 3 Count crib. Josh is killed while fighting off a giant one eyed alien, and dies in Shaundi's arms, which distresses her, although that was how Josh viewed it.[26]

After the defeat of the Zin leader Zinyak, an AI known as The Dominatrix captures the Saints and puts them in a simulation of Steelport. Shaundi is captured by the Dominatrix who splits into different parts. Donnie attempts to rescue Shaundi but is captured in the process, which leads to The Protagonist having to rescue them both.[27]

Shaundi helps the Saints defeat the Dominatrix eventually killing her. Pierce arrives with an army of Raptors to help the Saints escape, and the Saints meet their King, Cirano. When he asks each Saint what he can grant them, Shaundi asks Cirano if she can become his queen, which he accepts.[28]

How the Saints Save ChristmasEdit

Future Shaundi
Future Shaundi.
NathanJohnsonAdded by NathanJohnson

A future version of Shaundi appears from the future to warn the Saints about an evil warlord called Clawz who is threatening to destroy Christmas. The Protagonist criticized her for not going back further and warn them about Zinyak, but future Shaundi armlocks the Boss, declaring that Clawz is a much more dangerous threat.[29]

Quotes Edit

Shaundi: "This gang shit got you stressed out, you need to relax."
The Protagonist: "By playing Skee Ball?"
Shaundi: "Oh yeah."
The Protagonist: "You know, most people would just go smoke pot."
Shaundi: "Right, and then they go play Skee Ball."
— At the beginning of The Enemy of my Enemy

Shaundi: "So how'd I do?"
The Protagonist: "Well, seeing as he's dead and you're not, I'd say pretty God-damn good."
Shaundi: "So... You think I could take Gat?"
The Protagonist: "Not on your fucking life."
Shaundi: "Pierce?"
The Protagonist: "Probably not."
Shaundi: "Veteran Child?"
The Protagonist: "Well, seeing as he's dead, I'm pretty sure you'd kick his ass."
Shaundi: "You're an asshole."
— At the end of The Shopping Maul

"Are you near a Freckle Bitch's? I've got the munchies"
Shaundi - freckle bitches SR2 VOC SP 02199
— Shaundi, when called as a Homie
"Fucking lightweight."
— Shaundi, near the end of Bad Trip
"Good times!"
— Shaundi, near the end of Three Kings
"Uhhhh....I can come.. But I'm really baked right now."
— Rejection message when called as a homie

Shaundi: "I'm gonna kill Birk if I see him again!"
The Protagonist: "Aww, I thought you two really had something there."
Shaundi: "Oh don't even go there..."
The Protagonist: "Hey, I'm just saying..."
— During When Good Heists Go Bad

Shaundi: "Here's the weapons cache. And these look like UAV drone controls over here."
Protagonist Female 2: "You recognize UAV drone controls? You have been sleeping with special forces, yes?"
Protagonist Female 1: "Did you really say "Look like UAV drone controls"?"
Protagonist Female 3: "UAV drone controls? Are you listening to yourself, Shaundi?"
Protagonist Male 1: "Look like UAV drone controls? Who the fuck says that?"
Protagonist Male 2: "How the fuck you know what the hell those things are?"
Protagonist Male 3: "Looks like UAV drones? Who talks like that?"
Protagonist Zombie: "Mumbles"
— After entering the army hangar in We're Going to Need Guns.

The Protagonist: "Since when do you care about what Kinzie says"
Shaundi: "Since the people who helped us kill Cyrus Temple said we should."
— During a cutscene for "The Saints Wing" (trailer)
The Protagonist: "Since when do you care about what Kinzie says"
Shaundi: "Since the people who helped us save the world says we should."
— During a cutscene for "The Saints Wing" (game)

Shaundi: "I've gotten better with tech. Even picked up a few tricks from Kinzie."
Fun Shaundi: "Damn, I thought I was good with a computer but that's impressive."
Shaundi: "I am you, remember?"
Fun Shaundi: "That's right! Then go me!"
— Shaundi and Shaundi while killing Veteran Child's clones.[30]

Homie ConversationsEdit

When 2 Homies are recruited together outside of missions, many have conversations.

Saints Row: The Third
Angel and Shaundi
Angel: "You're consumed by something - what is it?"
Shaundi: "Revenge."
Angel: "For your friend?"
Shaundi: "Johnny was with the Saints longer than anybody; he was more than a friend - he was family."
Angel: "And what are you gonna do to avenge him?"
Shaundi: "Whatever it takes."
Angel: "I knew I liked you."
Homiechat Angel Shaundi
Burt and Shaundi
Burt: "You're the girl with the reality show, right?"
Shaundi: "Yeah, I'm Shaundi."
Burt: "You look less of a slut in person."
Shaundi: "...Thanks?"
Homiechat Burt Shaundi
Josh and Shaundi
Josh: "Hello, my love."
Shaundi: "Stop saying that."
Josh: "Why do you fight what you feel in your heart?"
Shaundi: "Because if I did what I felt in my heart, they'd never find your body."
Josh: "So you admit there's some pull that keeps you from wanting to be hurt. I knew you felt the same way I did."
Shaundi: "[Sigh]"
Homiechat Josh Shaundi
Kinzie and Shaundi
Kinzie: "You don't like me very much."
Shaundi: "That's not true."
Kinzie: "I tapped your phone - I know what you said about me to Pierce."
Shaundi: "And this is why I don't like you."
Homiechat Kinzie Shaundi
Shaundi and Oleg
Shaundi: "So, what did you do before you were a glorified pin cushion?"
Oleg: "I worked for the Russian government."
Shaundi: "What did you do for them?"
Oleg: "Whatever my country needed of me."
Shaundi: "That's... very vague... and really unnerving."
Homiechat Shaundi Oleg
Viola and Shaundi
Viola: "Hey Shaund-"
Shaundi: "Don't talk to me, don't look at me; I want to pretend you don't even exist."
Homiechat Viola Shaundi
Zimos and Shaundi
Zimos: "So, how you been girl?"
Shaundi: "Z, don't talk to me."
Zimos: "Is this about the..."
Shaundi: "This is about Spring break when I was in college."
Zimos: "Oh shit, I didn't recognize you without the dreads, irie."
Homiechat Zimos Shaundi

Saints Row IV
Shaundi and CID
CID: "Why did you cut your hair?"
Shaundi: "What? I didn't."
CID: "The other Shaundi's hair is longer and has much more personality. Why did you change it?"
Shaundi: "Are you saying I don't have personality?"
CID: "I did not mean to..."
Shaundi: "Cool it, CID. I'm just fucking with you. To be honest, sometimes I miss the dreads, they were a hell of a lot easier to maintain."
Homie Convo Shaundi CID
Shaundi and Cyrus
Cyrus: "Shaundi, I..."
Shaundi: "Oh no! Don't even speak to me. You don't get that right."
Cyrus: "But..."
Shaundi: "Open your mouth again and you'll be singing falsetto permanently."
Homie Convo Shaundi Cyrus
Shaundi and Fun Shaundi
Fun Shaundi: "So, you remember that time we had at the North Pier with..."
Shaundi: "Randall and Jackie, yeah. What he did..."
Fun Shaundi: "With those fireworks, that was crazy. And those..."
Shaundi: "Fuzzy handcuffs, I never thought he was gonna get them off that sailor."
Fun Shaundi: "I know. Man, those were good times."
Homie Convo Shaundi Shaundi SR2
Shaundi and Gat
Johnny Gat: "Yo, Shaundi. So, how's it been?"
Shaundi: "Fine. Just fine."
Johnny Gat: "Ahh, you're not very convincing, you know?"
Shaundi: "Well, what did you expect? I thought I listened to you die. I thought that if we'd only gone back for you we could've stopped it."
Johnny Gat: "Woah, woah, woah, hold up. I'm right here, I didn't die and besides, that wouldn't have been on you."
Shaundi: "That doesn't change what it's been like for me all these years. I really thought I'd lost you."
Johnny Gat: "Yo, Shaundi look. I'm sorry you had to go through that. But, I'm here now. Alive and kicking. That counts for something, right?"
Shaundi: "Yeah, but I just can't go through that again."
Johnny Gat: "Shaundi, don't worry. You won't have to, I promise."
Shaundi: "Thanks, Johnny."
Homie Convo Shaundi Gat
Shaundi and Maero
Shaundi: "I'd say sorry about Jessica, but that bitch nearly ran me over with her car."
Maero: "What?"
Homie Convo Shaundi Maero
Shaundi and Roddy
Shaundi: "You know, we took on a whole gang of maniacal wrestlers in masks years ago."
Roddy Piper: "A gang of masked... Wait, are you talking about Killbane's crew?"
Shaundi: "You know him?"
Roddy Piper: "That asshole? He cost me a title shot 20 years ago. Cheap shotted me outside a gas-station in Pittsburgh, screwed up my neck for months. I've been looking for that fucker for years."
Shaundi: "Oh, well. He's dead now."
Homie Convo Shaundi Roddy
Asha and Shaundi
Shaundi: "You didn't think much of the Saints when you first met us, did you?"
Asha: "Being honest... Not really, no."
Shaundi: "So all these years later has your opinion of us changed?"
Asha: "Most of you, yes. You've shown a great deal of dedication, inner strength, and a surprising eagerness to take on seemingly insurmountable challenges"
Shaundi: "Most of us? Huh. Who hasn't?"
Asha: "I'd rather not state the names if it's worth the same to you."
Shaundi: "Oh sure, sure. But it's Pierce right?"
Asha: "He does try..."
Homie Convo Asha Shaundi
Julius and Shaundi
Julius: "I can't get over how much different you are from your other you."
Shaundi: "Yeah, well people change."
Julius: "Some folks don't. Your Boss never has, King never did, Gat was always the same psychopath."
Shaundi: "Don't you say another god-damn word about Johnny Gat. You hear me?"
Julius: "Yeah, yeah. Shit, I hear ya."
Homie Convo Julius Shaundi
Keith and Shaundi
Shaundi: "How you holding up, Keith? Things getting too crazy for you?"
Keith David: "Hehehe. I'm fine, Shaundi."
Shaundi: "I don't mean any disrespect. I mean, the Boss and I come from violent worlds, fighting in the streets is kinda what we do. You are an actor, a statesman."
Keith David: "Did I ever tell you about the time I choked a man to death with my bare hands?"
Shaundi: "Are you serious?"
Keith David: "I can still feel his pulse, beating against the palms of my hand, getting slower and softer, until nothing."
Shaundi: "Holy shit! What did he do to you?"
Keith David: "He used to be my agent."
Homie Convo VP Shaundi
King and Shaundi
Ben King: "Seeing you and your younger self together reminds me just how much you've grown up from your early days in the Saints."
Shaundi: "You mean from the days of beer bongs and Loa Dust. Yeah, I had to give that up at some point."
Ben King: "There's always room to keep growing. No need to keep putting yourself in front of bullets day in and day out."
Shaundi: "Given our current situation, not seeing much of a choice right now."
Ben King: "Well not now of course. But in the future, take some time for yourself, for a family, for a safer life."
Shaundi: "'Cause I am totally family material. Out here in space, fighting for my life against an empire of aliens who want to kill us, yeah."
Ben King: "I'm not getting anywhere with this argument, am I?"
Shaundi: "Nope."
Homie Convo King Shaundi
Kinzie and Shaundi
Shaundi: "Do you really think there are enough people trapped on the Zin ship to keep the human race going?"
Kinzie: "Oh sure, even if 10% of the active pods are from Earth, that should be enough to sustain and repopulate a new planet. Well, eventually."
Shaundi: "Hold on. By repopulate you mean?"
Kinzie: "Yep."
Shaundi: "To hell with that!"
Kinzie: "Oh, I don't mean we help with that!"
Shaundi: "Oh, thank God!"
Homie Convo Kinzie Shaundi
Matt and Shaundi
Matt Miller: "Who would have thought, eh? You and me fighting side by side."
Shaundi: "Certainly not me."
Matt Miller: "But it's good. Your brawn and my brains, your sass and my good looks, we're like a buddy cop show."
Shaundi: "The one where the pissed off ex-gang member gets a dog for a partner so she straps it to the roof of the cop car and drives down the freeway at 131 miles per hour?"
Matt Miller: "That's not a real show."
Homie Convo Matt Shaundi
Phillipe and Shaundi
Phillipe: "Hello again, my-"
Shaundi: "Fuck off."
Homie Convo Phillipe Shaundi
Pierce and Shaundi
Pierce: "So, we went from Stilwater to Steelport to the White House and now we're on an alien ship, floating in space, hooking our minds into some computer generated virtual simulation?"
Shaundi: "That about sums it up. Yeah."
Pierce: "Shi, haa, right"
Shaundi: "You think you've gone crazy, don't you?"
Pierce: "Yeah, pretty much."
Homie Convo Pierce Shaundi
Tanya and Shaundi
Shaundi: "God! I don't know why the Boss calls in you people for help. I mean what the hell."
Tanya: "You people? Look, just because I was on the opposing side doesn't mean I'm some lesser being."
Shaundi: "No, but turning people into sex slaves and trying to turn humanity's last stand into a playground for your own profit, sure do go a long way. Don't you think?"
Tanya: "Yeah, I am pretty awesome."
Homie Convo Tanya Shaundi
Veteran Child and Shaundi
Veteran Child: "I gotta say Shaundi you're looking really good."
Shaundi: "Don't you fucking talk to me."
Veteran Child: "Come on, if we're gonna work together you have to get over..."
Shaundi: "Get over what? That you tried to kill my friends, that you used me as a Human Shield or that you threw my Feed Dogs limited edition vinyl into a fire."
Veteran Child: "Shaundi, I was stoned. Besides, the Feed Dogs are terrible. I can't believe you ever liked..."
Shaundi: "It was a limited edition. We're not talking anymore."
Homie Convo DJVC Shaundi

Fun Shaundi and Asha
Fun Shaundi: "You're MI6, right? What's it like being part if that?"
Asha: "Quite gratifying, really. I get to protect my government from outside threats and keep people safe from harm."
Fun Shaundi: "Yeah, you know your government kinda got blown up, right?"
Asha: "Thank you for pointing that out."
Fun Shaundi: "Oh, anytime."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Asha
Fun Shaundi and CID
CID: "Why do I not see you on the ship?"
Fun Shaundi: "Huh? You mean outside the simulated city?"
CID: "Yes."
Fun Shaundi: "Well, cause I'm already there. And I can't really be there if I'm already there. You know what I mean?"
CID: "Are you high?"
Fun Shaundi: "Um, yeah."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 CID
Fun Shaundi and Cyrus
Fun Shaundi: "Heard you kidnapped me or something."
Cyrus: "That was business."
Fun Shaundi: "And what about seducing me and make me serve your every little fantasy?"
Cyrus: "Wait, what? I-I never."
Fun Shaundi: "Haha. You should see your face."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Cyrus
Fun Shaundi and Johnny
Johnny Gat: "Never really thought I'd be seeing you like this again."
Fun Shaundi: "Well I never thought I'd get all uptight and repressed."
Johnny Gat: "Nah, you're not really that bad now. You just learned a few new things."
Fun Shaundi: "Like how to stop having fun and get all aggressive and vengeful?"
Johnny Gat: "Hey, aggressive and vengeful is fun. Though I think that's the part you didn't catch on to."
Fun Shaundi: "Uh, sometimes you have to spell it out for me."
Johnny Gat: "Good point."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Johnny
Fun Shaundi and Julius
Julius: "You ever take anything seriously, girl?"
Fun Shaundi: "Who me? Of course I do."
Julius: "Beside partying."
Fun Shaundi: "I was right in the thick of things with the Saints, thank you very much."
Julius: "What? Playing hacky-sac?"
Fun Shaundi: "Hey, that led to an important lead on the Brotherhood I'll have you know."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Julius
Fun Shaundi and Keith
Fun Shaundi: "So, when I get older I get to hang out with famous movie stars. That doesn't sound half bad."
Keith David: "Actually, I'm the Vice President now."
Fun Shaundi: "But you still get to go to all the posh Hollywood parties I'm sure. And I'm betting you let me tag along, cause honestly why wouldn't you."
Keith David: "Honestly, no. You've never asked to come with me."
Fun Shaundi: "Hold on, older me has told you how big a fan I am of your work, right?"
Keith David: "She's never mentioned it."
Fun Shaundi: "So, shs never told you that I think of you when... actually, that's probably a good thing she didn't mention that."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 VP
Fun Shaundi and Kinzie
Kinzie: "I still don't believe you're real, you know."
Fun Shaundi: "Hey, you were the one that was a crazy voice from the sky when we first met, remember?"
Kinzie: "Well, you're just some fractured part of Shaundi's psyche that manifested due to feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing."
Fun Shaundi: "OK, now you're projecting here."
Kinzie: "Well you're a... Wait, what?"
Fun Shaundi: "Hey, I just call it as I see it."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Kinzie
Fun Shaundi and Maero
Fun Shaundi: "What you did to Carlos was kinda shitty, you know?"
Maero: "I suppose what you did to Jessica was just getting even?"
Fun Shaundi: "Well, yeah."
Maero: "Well, let me give you a tip. There is no even."
Fun Shaundi: "Asshole."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Maero
Fun Shaundi and Phillipe
Fun Shaundi: "So I hear you're part of the reason I turned into such a bitch."
Phillipe: "I believe that you did that all on your own, little girl."
Fun Shaundi: "Little girl? You seriously going with that?"
Phillipe: "I have been the head of a multi-national crime organisation responsible for hundreds of highly lucrative actions all over the world. I owned businesses, buildings, government officials, and my own jet. What have you ever accomplished?"
Fun Shaundi: "I helped kill you."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Phillipe
Fun Shaundi and Roddy
Fun Shaundi: "Wow! You're totally Roddy Piper."
Roddy Piper: "Yeah, that's me."
Fun Shaundi: "I was a big fan of yours."
Roddy Piper: "Ahh, good. That's nice to hear."
Fun Shaundi: "I learned so much from you."
Roddy Piper: "Really? Did you wrestle in high school or something?"
Fun Shaundi: "No, man. I learned so much about the real world. You know, the real world. With the people with no faces and messages on everything."
Roddy Piper: "Oh, yeah. Baby Jesus, you folks are freaks."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Roddy
Fun Shaundi and Veteran Child
Fun Shaundi: "So, you got anything good on you?"
Veteran Child: "I tried to kill you and you're hitting me up for weed?"
Fun Shaundi: "What? I killed you, you're harmless now. Might as well party a little."
Veteran Child: "Shrr. I think I'd be insulted if I didn't have a bag stashed at the crib we can hit later."
Fun Shaundi: "Sounds perfect to me."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 DJVC
King and Fun Shaundi
Fun Shaundi: "So, you were some big hotshot gangster back in Stilwater?"
Ben King: "Please, I was more of a businessman with a... checkered past."
Fun Shaundi: "But you ran Kingdom Come Records, right? That's the label that put out all of Aisha's albums."
Ben King: "That's right."
Fun Shaundi: "Did it piss you off to find out she faked her death just to get out of her contract?"
Ben King: "Wait, what?"
Fun Shaundi: "Oh, um, forget I said anything. OK?"
Homie Convo King Shaundi SR2
Matt and Fun Shaundi
Fun Shaundi: "Wow, so I hear you're like a super smart hacker."
Matt Miller: "Oh, you heard right. Yes, I am of a sophisticated intellect."
Fun Shaundi: "But you're way more chill than Kinzie, she's kinda high-strung."
Matt Miller: "Perhaps I'm more confidant in my abilities."
Fun Shaundi: "You're also kinda cute."
Matt Miller: "Oh! Well, thank you."
Fun Shaundi: "And you have that cute accent. What are you doing after this? You wanna smoke a bulb? Maybe see where things go?"
Matt Miller: "I... don't think older you would appreciate that very much."
Fun Shaundi: "She doesn't have to know."
Matt Miller: "But she would. Older Shaundi knows everything."
Homie Convo Matt Shaundi SR2
Pierce and Fun Shaundi
Pierce: "Hahaha! Hey Shaundi, you remember the time when we..."
Fun Shaundi: "When we found that stash of weed I hid under the couch cushions of the crib in Stilwater, smoked the whole bag, then thought it would be a fun to get into a fistfight with Johnny?"
Pierce: "What? No, just ahh..."
Fun Shaundi: "I know, good times."
Pierce: "Dammit, girl."
Homie Convo Pierce Shaundi SR2
Shaundi and Fun Shaundi
Fun Shaundi: "So, you remember that time we had at the North Pier with..."
Shaundi: "Randall and Jackie, yeah. What he did..."
Fun Shaundi: "With those fireworks, that was crazy. And those..."
Shaundi: "Fuzzy handcuffs, I never thought he was gonna get them off that sailor."
Fun Shaundi: "I know. Man, those were good times."
Homie Convo Shaundi Shaundi SR2
Tanya and Fun Shaundi
Fun Shaundi: "I like your shoes."
Tanya: "Yeah, they're pretty nice, I guess."
Fun Shaundi: "And the skirt, looks good on you."
Tanya: "Umm, thanks."
Fun Shaundi: "Ya got anything to eat? I'm starving."
Tanya: "Damn stoners."
Homie Convo Tanya Shaundi SR2

Audio LogsEdit

Main article: Audio Logs
"It's amazing looking back on how I used to be: constantly baked out of my mind, always looking for the next party... You'd think after I got my own dating show I would've been even more of a train wreck, but doing TV is hard work. Who has time to go smoke up when they have to be on set at 6 a.m.?"
Shaundi sr3 Audio Log 381
— Shaundi Audio Log 1
"Ever since that night on Loren's plane things haven't been the same. I used to be fun and carefree. I used to smile and laugh. Now, I just want everyone to pay for what the Syndicate did. Johnny didn't deserve to die like that. He was the toughest person I knew. And it's my fault. I should've gone back for him."
Shaundi sr3 Audio Log 022
— Shaundi Audio Log 2
"The boss kept the crew together when we landed in Steelport. First we took out that asshole Phillipe, and then Killbane for what he did to Johnny's funeral. STAG was just icing on the cake, really. I thought I'd be happy with revenge, but it was never the same. Even when the boss won the election and we moved to the White House, I couldn't stop thinking about what Johnny would say about it all."
Shaundi sr3 Audio Log 278
— Shaundi Audio Log 3

"The moment I walked into that underground shithole the crew was setting up in, I knew it all had potential. So the Saints had been out of the game a while, so what. We had the boss and we had Johnny Gat, what more did we need? I knew I was a little rough around the edges, but I was willing to learn. Then the boss goes and throws me the Sons of Samedi. Now that was a drag."
Shaundi sr2 Audio Log 406
— Fun Shaundi Audio Log 1
"I shoulda known dating that asshole was gonna end badly. Veteran Child, what kind of a name is that anyway? Sure, he had hook ups for some of the best drugs in Stilwater, but that's no excuse. And he comes and tries to kill me? Whatever. He didn't have a chance against the boss. I tried to warn him, but he never listened to me. Only the boss really did."
Shaundi sr2 Audio Log 299
— Fun Shaundi Audio Log 2
"Damn we had some good parties after all that. Then again, I knew how to have a good time. A little Loa Dust, some beer bongs, some hackie sack and bam! Instant party. We all needed the distraction after taking over Ultor, and distractions are what I do best. I mean, what did any of us know about running a multi-billion dollar company after all? Though a few hits off the lightbulb later, we didn't really care."
Shaundi sr2 Audio Log 246
— Fun Shaundi Audio Log 3

Trivia Edit

  • Shaundi is voiced by Eliza Dushku in Saints Row 2 and Danielle Nicolet in both Saints Row: The Third[4] and Saints Row IV, while Jennifer Jules Hart voices Fun Shaundi, and Rebecca Sanabria voices Future Shaundi.
  • Playboy approached Volition, Inc. to create "a special one-off piece of art just for the magazine"; Shaundi appeared naked in the fifth edition of Playboy's "Virtual Vixens" in December 2008.[31]
  • Shaundi is referenced in Red Faction: Guerrilla as one of the people who left Radio Tags in the Badlands Sector.[32]
    • In the DLC for Red Faction: Guerilla, "Demons of the Badlands", there is a naked picture of her in the weapon stashes.[screenshot?]
  • Shaundi's surname is never mentioned in any of the Saint's Row games, a trait shared with Lin and Zimos.
  • Shaundi is usually dressed in sexually provocative clothes or wears her outfits in a sexually provocative manner, more so than other higher ranked female Saints. Only a few generic Saints in Saints Row: The Third or Saints Row IV dress in more exposing outfits.

Saints Row 2 Edit

  • She is pictured on a Stilwater's Most Wanted poster in the Police Headquarters.[33][34]
  • A running gag in the game hints that Shaundi has slept with a ridiculous amount of men.[35]
    • This is later confirmed in Saints Row IV by Shaundi herself when she speaks to her SR2 self in "De Plane Boss" after The Protagonist saves her from her nightmare.
  • Shaundi often consumes drugs during the game.[36].
  • When recruited as a homie she sometimes asks "Do you think I would look good in a sombrero?". Although she is never seen wearing one, some Saints members say: "What's with Shaundi and that fucking sombrero?", indicating that she either has one or that she often talks about it. The Protagonist also has a line saying that Shaundi would look hot in a sombrero. Sometime between SR2 and SRTT, she apparently went through a brief sombrero phase but is ashamed of it by the beginning of Saints Row: The Third.
  • Prior to joining the Saints, she dated Veteran Child, and their first date was to conceal Loa Dust inside of dead fish for the Sons of Samedi.[37]
  • Shaundi's inability to defend herself is often a butt of derisive jokes among other Saints, some of whom quip "let's see Shaundi kick that kind of ass" after winning a fight.
  • She enjoys partying and playing hacky-sack[38] and skee ball.[39]
  • The Protagonist is protective of Shaundi, and often does not allow her join him during missions.[40]
  • Sometimes when robbing a store, the store clerk says, "I knew Shaundi was right about this place."
  • Sometimes if a female Hippie gets in a fight with The Protagonist or other NPC they say "Shaundi taught me how to stand up for myself".
  • Shaundi's hairstyle is available at Image as Designed and is known as the "Long Dreads 1" option. As a result it is possible to make The Protagonist into a Shaundi look-alike with a few slight differences and most of the clothing she wears in the game is available at various stores. Her top is a "Women's Camisole 4" with Slate Gray with Black trim from at Leather & Lace. Her pants are "Bellbotton Jeans" in Saint's Purple 2, Silver, and Black from On The Rag, while her shoes are "Canvas Shoes" from Branded. She wears a "Tribal Wristband 3" from Nobody Loves Me on her left wrist and silver "6 Loops" from Bling Bling on her right wrist. Her mouth piercing is a silver "One Ball" from Nobody Loves Me. The only pieces of clothing not available at a Store are Shaundi's bandanna, choker, and belt-like chain, although the "Riveted Belt" from Nobody Loves Me is similar. In promotional artwork is wears a black "Bikini Top" and Saint's Purple, Leather style "Women's Latex Pants".
  • Shaundi is the only homie who doesn't comment when performing Stunt Jumps or Big Air Jumps.

Saints Row: The Third Edit

  • The "Virtual Vixens" picture of Shaundi is used as the cover the "Boy Toy" magazine, in many interiors of the game.
  • She has her own Reality TV/Dating Show called "I Wanna Sleep With Shaundi". [41]
    • The season premiere of "I Wanna Sleep With Shaundi" pre-empted the State of the Union Address.[42]
    • During the heist on Stilwater 1st National Bank, a SWAT team officer shouts "Turn yourself in, my son wants to meet Shaundi".[43]
Shaundi is a whore close up
Various protesters show up throughout Steelport as throughout Saints Row: The Third, with some criticizing Shaundi's promiscuity.
  • Protesters have signs threatening the Saints, one of them saying "Shaundi is a whore!", a reference to Shaundi's promiscuity.[44]
  • Shaundi has become a fairly capable fighter in Saints Row: The Third.
    • Despite her new found battle prowess, Shaundi is still the primary target of kidnapping, being kidnapped twice during the game by S.T.A.G.[45] In total, she has been kidnapped four times, twice in each game.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, Shaundi seems affected most by Gat's death. In Return to Steelport, she becomes angry for the funeral disruption, and she kicks off when starting Party Time as there's a party being held at the HQ, when she get's to the HQ and even tells Pierce "Johnny's dead and your throwing a fucking party?", then when The Protagonist tells her that she can't mourn Gat forever, she storms out in a fit of rage.
  • In Saints Row 2, Shaundi often mentions and uses drugs, but doesn't mention them much during Saints Row: The Third, except to mention that she was really high the last time she was in Steelport.[46]
  • Shaundi is much taller in Saints Row: The Third, this is because she wears high-heels instead of Vollies.
  • When Male Voice 1 has been drugged during the mission Pimps Up, Hos Down and is stumbling naked through the brothel, one of the remarks from among many he can make is: "So this is what it feels like to be Shaundi", despite the fact that Shaundi no longer does drugs, and The Protagonist had already been drugged in Saints Row 2.[47]
  • At the end of Saints Row: The Third, when saving Shaundi and Viola, explosive fart jars/flashbangs must be thrown at at Kia while she holds Shaundi as a Human Shield, which is almost exactly the same thing that needs to be done to save Shaundi in the Veteran Child mission Saints Row 2, when she is captured by Veteran Child except that flashbangs are used.[48]
  • Shaundi is both the first homie unlocked and also the first unlockable in Saints Row: The Third, but you cannot call her up as a homie until after Party Time.
  • When Shaundi is called as a homie, she reveals that Josh Birk sends her autographed photos, which she then sells online.
  • Male Voice 2 says he is sexually attracted to Shaundi, such as saying it would be sexy as hell if Shaundi were a maid.[50]
  • Due to Gat's death, Shaundi becomes notably hostile, even to friends like Pierce in Trojan Whores and Viola when called as a homie, although that's reasonable due to Viola's involvement in Johnny's death.
  • When Three Way becomes available, Shaundi, as well as Viola and Burt Reynolds cannot be called as homies on the Cell Phone until both endings have been played.
  • No one has ever made it past the final round of "I Wanna Sleep with Shaundi".[reference?]
  • Some artwork and promotional images shows Shaundi carrying weapons such as the Beretta M9, or the AK-74M.
  • Shaundi does not have good relationships with the other female lieutenants in Saints Row: The Third.[51] Viola is a former member of the Morningstar and played a role in Johnny's death. Kinzie's technological expertise eclipses Shaundi's own expertise, although Shaundi does the hacking during Assault on Precinct 31 in SR2 and during Hit the Powder Room in SR3; she is also able to identify UAV drone controls on sight during We're Going to Need Guns.
  • On the back of the Saints Row: The Third box, there is alternate promo art of Shaundi with a gun raised over her shoulder.[52]
  • Shaundi uses a TEK Z-10 when called in as a Homie. She also uses a .45 Shepherd[53][54][55], a K-8 Krukov[56][57] and the Viper Laser Rifle. [58]
  • The Prima strategy guide reveals several alternate storylines for Shaundi:
    • Shaundi was not there for the entire game and was in Mexico filming "I Wanna Sleep With Shaundi".[59]
    • At the end of the game she was to unwittingly go on a date with Killbane without his mask on.[59]
    • Shaundi had a more detailed storyline in which her more aggressive and hard-edged personality arose as a result of survivor's guilt and depression.[59]
    • After saving Shaundi and Viola, after the closing credits Shaundi is at Gat's grave, upset that the Saints let Killbane get away and have gone back to being celebrities again, she is then recruited by Cyrus and joins STAG.[60]

Saints Row IV Edit

  • Unlike in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, Shaundi doesn't get kidnapped, but is still abducted along with the rest of the crew and needs to be rescued by The Protagonist.
  • Shaundi is more level headed and friendly among Saints as she was in Saints Row: The Third, but becomes aggressive towards her old self during De Plane Boss, due to her memories of being kidnapped, and sleeping with most people in Stilwater and other things, although becomes more friendly to her old self during Loyalty - Girls Night Out when they get their Super Powers and defeat Veteran Child.
  • Shaundi mentions in her Audio Logs that she changed a lot after she stopped the drugs and got her own dating show, and how she never fully recovered from Gat's death. The Audio logs and the mission De Plane Boss even reveals that she blamed herself for his death.
    • When Gat and Shaundi are together, Shaundi remarks how they could saved him from being captured. Gat does however try to tell her that it wasen't her fault about what happened to him, stating that "I didn't die, and besides, that wouldn't have been on you", in an attempt to comfort her, although she still says how "I really thought I lost you", and sounds like she was coming close to breaking down like she did back in De Plane Boss when she was forced to believe he died. Regardless, Gat does successfully comfort her and makes her feel better.
  • It's revealed that Puerto Rican Thunder God was the winner of I wanna Sleep with Shaundi when doing the Romance option with her.
  • By completing missions for the SR2 Shaundi, you can unlock her Retro outfit.
  • Shaundi uses a Heavy SMG when called in as a Homie, and uses an Alien Rifle during All Hands On Deck, as well as Grand Finale if Shaundi and Pierce are picked for the third part of Grand Finale.
  • Some artwork and promotional images shows Shaundi carrying weapons such as the MP7, or the M16.
  • Though Shaundi is described as part of the cabinet, Director of Secret Service was not a cabinet-level office as of Saints Row IV's release in 2013. However, the President can elevate certain offices to cabinet status with congressional approval.
  • There is a bust of Shaundi in the White Crib.[23][screenshot?]
  • Shaundi is initially not aware that The Protagonist's government has been invading people's privacy, and is surprised when Kinzie and Keith David reveal the truth, but Kinzie doesn't tell Shaundi about what or who they were monitoring, claiming that it would be treason.[61]
  • Unlike all the other Romance options with the female Saints, The Protagonist actually has a decent conversation with Shaundi before asking her out on a 'date' instead of just blatantly asking to have sex with her. This shows that The Protagonist and Shaundi have a good deal of respect between one another, although that's possibly because Shaundi has been in the Saint's longer than most people and have know each other for a while.
    • When The Protagonist told Shaundi that she never gave The Protagonist a shot of being with her, Shaundi replied that "You never asked for one". This hints that Shaundi was willing to give The Protagonist a chance before Saints Row IV.
  • Shaundi's conversations about her SR2 self varies from bad to good. She directly expresses hatred towards her old self in De Plane Boss and sometimes outside the Simulation when talking to her, and during her Loyalty mission, but that changes during the mission when they get their Super Powers and works together in killing DJ Veteran Child. In Shaundi and Fun Shaundi's homie conversation, they talk about the fun times she had.
    • Shaundi's wishlist in her letter to Santa is for her SR2 self to have a happy Christmas due to her rough past, and even reveals that her parents split up.
    • During Grand Finale, if Shaundi and Pierce are selected during the second part when you have to open the portals, Shaundi asks what will happen to her SR2 self, stating that "She kinda liked having a younger sister around", and when The Protagonist asks about Kinzie being that sister, Shaundi replied "Whatever, she has Asha to latch onto now".
    • Also during Grand Finale, if Shaundi and Pierce are selected during the second part, Shaundi's portal releases the Sons of Samedi, although there are no Samedi apart from Veteran Child in Shaundi's nightmare simulation.
  • Unlike any other Saint, Shaundi has to suffer from 2 nightmares in the Simulation instead of just 1 during De Plane Boss. The first being when Johnny was killed on Loren's Plane and the second being when she was her old SR2 self, being kidnapped by Veteran Child.
    • Shaundi is also different from any other Saint in that because Shaundi has a Simulation version of herself from SR2 existing as a program, then there's her real living self being subjected to the Simulation, and then there's Future Shaundi introduced in How the Saints Save Christmas. All 3 can be present at the same time.
    • Both SR2 Shaundi and normal Shaundi are unlocked and upgraded simultaneously to each other, De Plane Boss unlocks both of them, and Psychosomatic unlocks their Super Powers.
  • Shaundi's idle actions on the Spaceship include using one of the consoles on the bridge or in the Simulation pod room, sitting on the walkway rails, or looking out of the bridge.
    • After completing Hello Teacup, Shaundi permanently remains in the Simulation pod room using the console.
  • Shaundi is the longest active female Saint.
  • As of Saints Row IV, Shaundi is the only major character without a known last name.
  • Shaundi's Loyalty Mission, Psychosomatic, was removed from the Australian version of Saints Row IV after the original version of the game was refused classification due to illegal drug use giving a positive outcome. As a result, both Shaundis gain super-powers as soon as they are recruited, and Veteran Child is immediately reconstructed as an ally within the simulation.
  • Future Shaundi is a part of a separate timeline, [62], and has gone to the present day to fix her past.
    • The Christmas Text Adventures part 8 reveals that when Future Shaundi returned to her time and back to her apartment, there was another Shaundi (with short hair). This Shaundi however, is only mentioned and never seen in game.
  • Unlike Shaundi and Fun Shaundi, Future Shaundi never gains the use of Super Powers outside of DLC missions.


  • Promotional image of Shaundi in Saints Row 2.
  • Shaundi in the mission "Three Kings" in Saints Row 2.
  • Shaundi in the mission "Got Dust, Will Travel" in Saints Row 2.
  • Shaundi in the mission "Got Dust, Will Travel" in Saints Row 2.
  • Shaundi in the mission "Bonding Experience" in Saints Row 2.
  • Shaundi and Veteran Child in the mission "Veteran Child".
  • Shaundi being knocked out by Veteran Child in the mission "Veteran Child".
  • Shaundi and Veteran Child in the mission "Veteran Child".
  • Shaundi in the mission "Veteran Child".
  • Shaundi and The Protagonist in the mission "Veteran Child".
  • Shaundi and The Protagonist in the mission "Veteran Child".
  • Shaundi being used as a human shield by Veteran Child
  • Shaundi in the mission "Eternal Sunshine" in Saints Row 2.
  • Shaundi in Saints Row 2.
  • Shaundi's radio tag from Red Faction Guerrilla.
  • Shaundi, the virtual vixen.
  • Shaundi in the Saints Row: The Third CG "Power" trailer.
  • Shaundi firing at Morningstar members in the Saints Row: The Third CG "Power" trailer.
  • Shaundi promo image In Saints Row the Third
  • Concept art of Shaundi
  • Screenshot showing Shaundi on a Boytoy magazine.
  • Shaundi's star tattoo in Saints Row The Third
  • Shaundi in I'm Free - Free Falling.
  • Shaundi with The Protagonist
  • Shaundi using The Protagonist's 45 Shepherd to kill 2 Morningstar Soldiers
  • Shaundi with Pierce and The Protagonist in Saints Row: The Third.
  • The Protagonist, Shaundi and Pierce shooting Oleg's restraints
  • Various protesters show up throughout Steelport throughout Saints Row: The Third.
  • Shaundi posing with a protester
  • Shaundi in Saints Row: The Third.
  • Shaundi in Saints Row: The Third.
  • Shaundi in Saints Row: The Third.
  • Shaundi with an AR-55
  • Shaundi
  • Shaundi with an RPG
  • Shaundi Close up
  • Shaundi is pictured on the box art for Saints Row IV
  • Shaundi promo image in Saints Row IV
  • Shaundi SRIV website promo
  • Shaundi in Saints Row IV.
  • Promotional image Shaundi and Shaundi at On Track
  • Director of the Secret Service
  • Shaundi's Homie icon in IV
  • Fun Shaundi's Homie icon in IV
  • Shaundi during Zero Saints Thirty
  • Shaundi being held by Zinyak during the mission "The Saints Wing"
  • Shaundi in A Pleasant Day
  • Shaundi Close up (Pre-upgrade)
  • Graphics's comparision of Shaundi between SR:TT and SRIV
  • Shaundi (Super Saint)
  • Shaundi (Super Saint)
  • Shaundi outside the Simulation
  • Shaundi looking out of the Ship on the Bridge
  • Shaundi sitting on the walkway railing
  • Shaundi using a console in the Pod room
  • Shaundi as a Super Saint (on the right) with her younger self (on the left)
  • Shaundi with Fun Shaundi
  • Shaundi, Fun Shaundi and Gat in Saints Row IV
  • Future Shaundi
  • SR 2 Shaundi (Past), Future Shaundi, and Super Saint Shaundi (Present)
  • Future Shaundi, Super Saint Shaundi (Present) and SR 2 Shaundi (Past)
  • Shaundi as Super Saint (on the left) with her younger self (in the middle) and her Future self (on the right)
  • 1950s Shaundi.
  • Shaundi (Super Saint) Close up
  • Fun Shaundi Close up
  • Future Shaundi Close up
  • Shaundi, dancing during the curtain call in Saints Row IV.
  • Danielle Nicolet


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