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Saints Row: The Third

The Shark-O-Matic is a weapon in the Shark Attack Pack DLC for Saints Row: The Third.

Avast! There be nothin' like shootin' lubbers with fish guts to lure the elusive Steelport Sewer Shark. Yarrr!
— Weapon description


This weapon is a shotgun and is part of the Shark Attack Pack. When shot, it covers what is shot at in fish guts. When it is shot at a person, they either panic or look for the stain. Afterward, a shark comes up from the ground and violently devours their victim; however, the shark will not appear if the player attempts to use one while aboard an airplane or ship.

This weapon does not work on Brutes and special homies, such as Shaundi, and does not work on other players in co-op. It also does not work in certain areas like aboard the cargo plane in the mission Air Steelport.


  • Like most weapons from DLC packs, the Shark-O-Matic cannot be upgraded.
  • The name of the shark is the Steelport Sewer Shark, and this name possibly indicates that the shark is an urban legend, or that it is feared by many in Steelport. These sharks also appear in Apocalypse Genki, attacking any mascot that comes in contact or thrown into the water (but they won't harm The Protagonist) which gives the special "Water Bear" bonus.
  • If left idle, a Protagonist with Female Voice 3, sometimes says "There is no Steelport Sewer Shark, people are just hallucinating."
  • When Shark-O-Matic used on enemies or civilians swimming in water, the shark comes up from the water instead, but the rumbling sound still occurs.
  • This weapon is probably a reference to the shark gun in the video game Armed and Dangerous.
  • A similar Shark model is mounted on the wall in Zimos' crib, with gold teeth, a chain and a pimp hat. A similar Shark without pimp attire is mounted on the wall of the Saints HQ office.
  • There is a fishing-bob hanging from the mouth of one of the dead fish in the grinder. Just like the fish in the grinder, the bob has simulation on it and moves around while moving.
  • On the left side of the gun is a moving grinder handle.
  • The working-title for this weapon at Volition was the "Chum-Gun". It was changed due to a pending trademark, which has since lapsed.[1]
  • There is a bloody handprint on the handle of the weapon.


  • Concept Art
  • The Shark-O-Matic in third person view
  • The Steelport Sewer Shark about to eat its victim
  • The Steelport Sewer Shark violently crushing its victim
  • The Steelport Sewer Shark
  • Shark-O-Matic
  • Shark-O-Matic
  • Shark-O-Matic
  • Weapon Description SRTT - Shark-o-matic L1


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