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Shantytown is a District of New Hades in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[1]


Also known as the Slums[reference?], Shantytown is the northwestern island of New Hades. It is very crowded and oppressive; there are many buildings close together, and houses and businesses built in highway underpasses. According to Satan, most who go to Hell end up living here.[reference?]

Vlad's castle is here, while he was being held in the nearby Tenth Circle Penitentiary, it has been used as a frat house by Tri Omega.[reference?]




  • New Hades map in IGN Gameplay video


  1. Image:
    New Hades map GOOH IGN Gameplay

    New Hades Map in IGN Gameplay video

  2. Image:
    Gat out of Hell Gameplay Demo 0608 Hood - Broken Cross (Shantytown)

    Broken Cross

  3. Image:
    Gat out of Hell Gameplay Demo 1005 Hood - Omega Court (Shantytown)

    Omega Court

  4. Image:
    Gat out of Hell Gameplay Demo 1005 Hood - Goats Heart (Shantytown)

    Goats Heart

  5. Image:
    Gat out of Hell Gameplay Demo 0608 Hood - Sinners Circle (Shantytown), activity - Marshalling Ground

    Sinners Circle

  6. Image:
    Gat out of Hell Gameplay Demo 0607 Hood - Gluttons End (Shantytown), Activity - Pledge Rush

    Gluttons End

  7. Image:
    Gat out of Hell (Walkthrough video) 0158 Hood - Frog Square (Shantytown)

    Frog Square

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