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Septic Avenger - Septic SR2 variant screenshot
The Septic Avenger in Saints Row 2
Septic Avenger - Hazmat SR2 variant screenshot
The City Waste Truck in Saints Row 2
Also known as

Septic Truck[1]


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Saints Row 2


Septic Avenger

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Call HazMat

The Septic Avenger is a vehicle in Saints Row 2.

Ui act question

For the Activity, see Septic Avenger (Activity)


The Septic Avenger a septic truck with a large tank filled with sewerage, which can be sprayed using a roof mounted Septic Spray cannon. It has a bench seat, and is the only vehicle which can seat 3 in the front seat.

A Septic Avenger is present on the Samedi farm when the Saints attack it from the air, but does not normally spawn there.[2] An unused "Samedi Poo" variant exists, but it does not appear in that mission.

The front Septic Spray cannon is used by the driver, while the rear cannon is used by the passenger. The rear cannon is used during Septic Avenger, during Co-op or with a Homie driving. If a player is in the third passenger seat, they control the front cannon instead of the driver. If a Co-op player quits while seated in the third seat, the weapon remains unavailable to the driver.

Homies generally cannot use the Spray as a passenger, but can use the Spray while driving. They fire in short bursts instead of continuously, so it is not very effective.

City Waste TruckEdit

The City Waste Truck is a variant of the Septic Avenger. The variants are identical in form, function and use but are branded and painted diffidently.

In Corporate Warfare DLC a special City Waste Truck with no nozzle is used.[3] This version is referred to within the game files as "Septic Avenger No Poop"



The Septic Avenger can be modified at any Mechanic, but has few Vehicle Customization options. It can have Industrial Rims, but does not have Hydraulics available or any options in Body Mods or Details. The available Wheel Sizes are 17-21 and the available Wheel Widths are 2-4.

  • Body Color (3 sections)
  • Trim Color (4 sections)
  • Rim Color (2 sections)
  • Window Tint
  • Interior Color
  • Grill Color

All variants of the Septic Avenger can be modified and re-painted, but the branding sticker on the side of the tank can not be changed.



  • The Cheat for this vehicle is #1070, which adds the Septic variant to the garage.
  • The license plate is mirrored.
  • When entering the vehicle with 2 or 3 recruited homies, one of them always warps in the middle passenger seat instead of opening the door and getting in, but climbs out normally.
  • There is a glitch with the Stored Vehicle Delivery menu which causes the City Waste Truck to appear as "Septic Avenger" in the list. This is the same for the Estrada, Mix Master and Warrant, as they are also variants.


  • Boost magazine, featuring Septic Avenger
  • Septic Avenger
  • Septic Avenger
  • Septic Avenger
  • Spraying poop in the Septic Avenger activity
  • Spraying poop in the Septic Avenger activity
  • Spraying poop in the Septic Avenger activity
  • The driver in the Red Light Septic Avenger activity is a mime named Sophie
  • The Septic Avenger used by the Samedi in Airborne Assault
  • Septic variant
  • Gang SoS variant
  • Hazmat variant
  • Septic Avenger in Dookie Bonus Derby
  • The City Waste Truck in Saints Row 2
  • The Hazmat variant
  • The Samedi Poo variant
  • Samedi logo on the City Waste Truck
  • City Waste Truck (rear)
  • Promo image of Septic Avenger No Poop variant


  1. Image:
    Septic Truck unlocked after level 6 of Septic Avenger in the Red Light district

    Unlock text

  2. Mission: Airborne Assault
  3. Image:
    Ultor Tornado and Septic Avenger No Poop variant

    Mission: Corporate Meltdown

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