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Sea Roses is an enterable but unusable pub in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.[1]

The Sea Rose Pub, Roughest Bar None?
— Newspaper article[2]


Map building SeaRoses

Location of Sea Roses Pub

The Sea Roses Pub is located in the Projects District. It is located in the Shivington neighborhood in Saints Row, but due to a neighborhood border change, it is within Sunnyvale Gardens in Saints Row 2.

The interior is almost identical in Saints Row and Saints Row 2, with the "Sea Roses" name visible in both. In Saints Row, there is a sign outside which says "Angelo's Place", but this name is not present inside the building, and the sign is not present in Saints Row 2.

In Saints Row, it is the location of the Vice Kings Hitman Activity and the "An Offer They Can't Refuse..." cutscene takes place inside, in Saints Row 2, there is a FUZZ activity across the street.

The door shows the standard opening hand symbol, but as this is not an operational store, the hand symbol does not change to a foot symbol at night.

Bar floordirt


The bar consists of two rooms: the main bar area, featuring a bar, several stools and 3 tables with chairs; as well as an open store room, containing shelves with boxes of alcohol. There is also a rear door, but it is nonfunctional.

It is not marked on the map, and there is not a Liquor Store inside. In Saints Row, the bar is open and has Civilians inside drinking. In Saints Row 2, the lights are on, but there are no Civilians present.


On the counter is a pack of Smokey Dave's cigarettes, a bottle of dishwashing liquid, a sign on the bar says that "Crazy Hour" is 7-8pm on Thursday[1], several ashtrays and a drinks tray which all bear the Sea Roses logo[3], as well as some fresh bananas and a lime. The fridges are stocked with alcohol, and there are boxes of alcohol in the back room, as well as a Step Ladder, which is the only object that can be picked up.

There is a dart board[4] on the wall beside the storeroom, which has 5 darts with 3 bulls-eyes. On the wall on the other side of the doorway is a scoreboard written on the wall, titled "Darts of Doom!", showing Karl with 6 points and Crim with 7.[5] On the wall to the left of the dartboard are the words "I am Industructible!".[sic] [6] There are also 3 wooden tables, each with the words "I am really drunk" carved into them.[7]

Above the bar is a ship's wheel bearing the same anchor as in the Sea Roses logo[8], and above each windows is a picture of a bottle of alcohol with wings[9], although this is not visible from the outside. A framed newspaper near the rear door indicates that this is a particularly rough bar.[2] Above the front door is a mounted fish labeled "Fred", with the caption "I will never forget you".[10]


  • The Saints Row 2 data files reference a 33rd Secret Area listed as "Old Bar". As this building is old, is a bar/pub, and has no other purpose, it is likely that this is the same location.


  • Sea Roses Exterior in Saints Row
  • Sea Roses Interior in Saints Row
  • Sea Roses Interior in Saints Row
  • Interior Screenshot
  • Interior Screenshot
  • Step Ladder Improvised Weapon
  • Name and Logo on ad for "Crazy Hour"
  • Ashtray
  • Drinks tray
  • Dartboard
  • Score board
  • "I am industructible!" graffiti
  • "I am really drunk" graffiti
  • Logo on ship's steering wheel
  • Bottle above windows
  • Fred the Fish
  • Newspaper article
  • A newspaper article about the Sea Roses in a Charred Hard Burgers in Stilwater Boardwalk (Hotels & Marina District)


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