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This is a list of all official Saints Row Wiki polls.

  • While useful to gauge popular opinion, discussions have more influence than polls.
  • Please be sure to read any related blog posts, and also leave your opinion as a comment.

In general, these are listed from newest to oldest, but please vote in all polls, nothing is ever "too old to matter".

Type Status Poll Description
Policy New HUD in screenshots How to handle screenshots with a visible HUD?
Opinion New Driving Control Schemes Which Driving Control Scheme do you use/prefer?
Policy New Videos sidebar Does the Videos sidebar encourage you to edit?
Policy Hub page links Should links for subject hubs link to the category or the page?
Opinion Important Most important Will influence admin to-do lists
Opinion Showdown: Stilwater v Steelport Based on the city alone, which is better?
Opinion Showdown: SR2 v SRTT Which is better? Saints Row 2 or Saints Row: The Third?
Opinion Showdown: SR2 v SRIV Which is better? Saints Row 2 or Saints Row IV?
Opinion Showdown: SRTT v SRIV Which is better? Saints Row: The Third or Saints Row IV?
Opinion Best game Which is the best game in the series?
Policy Creating articles Should we create empty articles for valid subjects?
Opinion Decided Purple Is the wiki too purple?
Result: No
Policy Decided Trailers How to handle trailers
Result: Trailers are only permitted as references.
Policy Decided Wiki News How do you want your Wiki News?
Result: Both
Policy Decided Admin inactivity When should admin rights be removed for inactivity?
Result: One year.
Policy Decided Thumbnail size What size should thumbnail galleries be?
Result: Large.
Policy Decided Achievements Should we enable Achievements on this wiki?
Result: Nope.
Policy Decided Change mouse cursor? Should we change the default cursor on this wiki?
Result: Yes.
Policy Decided Anonymous page creation Should the restriction on page creation be removed?
Result: No.
Policy Decided Voice actor images Should images of voice actors be allowed?
Result: No.
Policy Decided Quotes or Trivia Which section should come first, Quotes or Trivia?
Result: Trivia.
Policy Decided Font size Font-size 13 or 14?
Result: 13.
Policy Decided District redirects Redirect Districts to Neighborhoods, or vice versa?
Policy Decided Name for editing groups Pick a name!
This is now policy, but feel free to record your vote.
Policy Decided Non-article content policies What type of content should be allowed?
This is now policy, but feel free to record your vote.
Policy Redundant Main Page What do you expect to see when you visit
Wikia have now changed the landing page to be the main page.
Policy Decided Protagonist capitalisation Let's decide how we capitalise "The Protagonist" in articles
This is now policy, but feel free to record your vote.
Policy Decided Minor Characters Which minor characters should have dedicated articles?
Also applies to other minor subjects, such as buildings.
This is now policy, but feel free to record your vote.
Policy Decided Hitman Targets Should each Hitman Target have a dedicated article?
This is now policy, but feel free to record your vote.

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