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Saints Row Church
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Saints Row
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The Saints Row Church[1][2] is a building in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, and Saints Row IV.


The Church is a religious building constructed not long after the construction of Stilwater itself, it eventually became derelict. When Julius Little and many Vice Kings broke off from Benjamin King's gang, it became the hideout for the newly formed 3rd Street Saints and stayed that way even when they came out on top and claimed control of the Stilwater gangland with help from The Protagonist.

When Ultor transformed Saint's Row into a corporate utopia, they moved and rebuilt the church, restoring it to its former glory. They renamed it the Stilwater Memorial Church as a memorial, and it is now a tourist attraction, complete with audio tour, by tour guide Julius Little. The Protagonist reunited with Julius after coming out of their coma, having been set up by Dex, an ex-Saints member, and the two fought their way through a Masako ambush, before The Protagonist killed Julius with a bullet to the head.

An old version of the Church appears in Saints Row IV when The Protagonist enters the mind of Benjamin King who has to relive his betrayal by Tanya Winters and the Vice Kings. Ben headed to the church for help from the Saints and Julius but was unable to find them. The Protagonist and King fight off attacking Vice Kings members from the church, and also kill Anthony Green.[3] Inside the simulated church pictures of old 3rd Street Saints members and other characters. There is also a Freckle Bitch's box on a desk.

Audio tour Edit

An audio tour, narrated by Julius Little, is available on the second level of the church throughout the game, although it is disabled during the mission "Revelation".

Part 1 Edit

Hello and welcome to Stilwater Memorial Church. My name is Julius Little, and it's no secret I've wasted many years of my life being apart of the gang problem here in Stilwater. Fortunately, the Ultor corporation has given me a second chance. Join me, as I take you through the past and future of Saints Row.
Church Tour SR2 VOC SP 01441
— Julius Little in Saints Row Church audio tour part 1

Part 2 Edit

Founded in the 1800's[sic] Stilwater always was a city of great diversity and promise, but the peak of Stilwater came in the 1970s. While the downtown area was as popular as ever, the crown jewel in Stilawter's[sic] crown was the district of Saints Row. A testiment[sic] to architecture and urban planning, Mission Beach was the most prestigous[sic] neighborhood to live in. However, the peace and tranquility was shattered when Alejandro Lopez moved to town. Backed by Colombian drug czars, Lopez not only controlled the vice trade, but he created the first major street gang in Stilwater... Los Carnales.
Church Tour SR2 VOC SP 01442
— Julius Little in Saints Row Church audio tour part 2

Part 3 Edit

Los Carnales spread like a cancer, within months Lopez's empire was spread throughout Stilwater. One of the neighborhoods that was hit the worst was Sunnyvale Gardens. The Carnales swept through Sunnyvale, demanding protection fees, pushing drugs, and bringing gang warfare to the streets. Tired of the violence in his neighborhood, my childhood friend, Benjamin King organized the kids in Sunnyvale to stand up for themselves...and the Vice Kings were born.
Church Tour SR2 VOC SP 01443
— Julius Little in Saints Row Church audio tour part 3

Part 4 Edit

Fueled by their desire to take back their neighborhood the Vice Kings surged. In a matter of days, Sunnyvale was free of the Carnales, but Ben King didn't stop there. Over the next months the Vice Kings and the Carnales battled for control of Stilwater, and while the Carnales were reduced to a fraction of their former glory, the cost had been high. Not only was Stilwater torn apart, but Ben King had grown accustomed to power and refused to give it up. Rather than continue to be a leg breaker for Benjamin, I dropped my flags and moved to Saints Row. Sadly, my retirement was relatively short lived.
Church Tour SR2 VOC SP 01444
— Julius Little in Saints Row Church audio tour part 4

Part 5 Edit

As years went by, Benjamin King started to direct his focus to legitimate business ventures, and his criminal empire suffered for it. Not only did the Carnales regain their strength, but a new gang, the Westside Rollerz also tried to make a name for themselves. For a while these three gangs tore each other apart, but once the violence spilled into Saints Row, I had to do something. Like Benjamin, I gathered the people of this neighborhood and gathered them in this very is where the 3rd Street Saints were born.
Church Tour SR2 VOC SP 01445
— Julius Little in Saints Row Church audio tour part 5

Part 6 Edit

During the reign of the 3rd Street Saints, this building was no stranger to violence and what few pews remained in the condemned church were often stained with blood. But what was the epicenter for violence in Saints Row has since become an icon for rebirth. After Alderman Hughes' assassination one of my Lieutenents, a strategist named Dex, accepted a job at Ultor and made it his first order of business to return this building into the icon it was in the 70s. After painstaking and exacting restoration efforts spanning two years, Ultor is proud to open these church doors once again.
Church Tour SR2 VOC SP 01446
— Julius Little in Saints Row Church audio tour part 6

Part 7 Edit

At a time when our city was shrouded by fear and apathy, the Ultor Corporation took a stand when no one else would. By working closely with Monica Hughes, Ultor created an urban renewal program that not only created jobs and housing...but created safety as well. The Saints Row you are now standing in, is the furthest thing from the violent streets of yesteryear...and with your help, it will never turn back.
Church Tour SR2 VOC SP 01447
— Julius Little in Saints Row Church audio tour part 7


Saints Row
  • It is called "The Church" or "The 3rd Street Saints' Church", but there are no signs anywhere containing any name in either game.
  • The church has a Save Point, as do all mission locations. It is not marked on the map as a crib, and the Statistics page does not count it as a crib.
Saints Row 2
  • The church is one of 32 Secret Areas. When entering it, the on-screen text says "Saints Row Church Found".
  • The audio tour in the upper level of the church is available from the very beginning of the game, but is disabled during the Revelation mission.[verify]
  • Some previously available rooms are missing, but there is now an accessible upper level.
  • The church is in a different location than in Saints Row.[4][5]


  • Saints Row Church loading screen
  • The Church in Saints Row
  • Concept art of the church
  • The Saints Row Church in The Anna Show cutscene in Saints Row 2.
  • The Interior of The Saints Row Church in Saints Row.
  • The Interior of The Saints Row Church in Saints Row.
  • The Interior of The Saints Row Church in Saints Row.
  • The Interior of The Saints Row Church in Saints Row.
  • The Interior of The Saints Row Church in Saints Row.
  • Church location in Saints Row
  • Church location in Saints Row 2
  • The Stilwater Memorial Church in Saints Row 2.
  • Interior of the Stilwater Memorial Church in Saints Row 2.
  • The Church in Saints Row IV
  • The Saints Row Church in Saints Row: IV.
  • Interior of the Saints Row Church in Saints Row: IV.


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