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Saints Flow is an energy drink in Saints Row: The Third.

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For the Mission, see The Saints Flow

There's a Saint in all of us.
— Slogan

Saints Flow billboard in CG Power trailer

Saints Flow billboard in the Saints Row: The Third Power CG trailer


The Saints Flow energy drink first appears in the Saints Row: The Third Power CG trailer.[1] The 3rd Street Saints started manufacturing the drink sometime after retaking Stilwater and before the events of Saints Row: The Third.

In the Saints Row: The Third Syndication trailer, The Protagonist chases after a civilian dressed up as a Saints Flow energy drink can.[2]


Mascots dressed up as Saints Flow energy drink cans take part in the Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax Activity and sometimes outside of Planet Saints. It is also possible to have Saints Flow mascots as gang followers via Gang Customization, as part of the mascot style which is unlocked after completing Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax. Saints Flow mascots are located in odd or out of the way places, such as the little islands in sunset park, inside shipping contains (usually ones that previously contained hidden collectibles), Loren Square's red light districts (located under the overpass that runs through the Square), and occasionally they spawn outside Saint Strongholds such as Safeword and 3 Count casino.

They sometimes become excited if they see The Protagonist and approach, such as Johnny Gat Mascots, and 3rd Street Saints' fans. Civilian Saints Flow Mascots often use RPGs.

Because they are one of the most common of the various kinds of mascots, they make excellent targets for racking up Mascot Kills for the Mascots Killed challenge. A Saints Flow Mascot is pictured for the Mascots Killed challenge.[screenshot?]

In Saints Row IV, they appear as civilians, gang followers, and enemies. There is also a giant Saints Flow Mascot named Paul. They are also featured in the mission entitled The Saints Flow, which takes place in Pierce's Simulation in which The Protagonist must rescue Pierce from Paul and his army of Saints Flow Mascots. The Protagonist uses the animated Statue of Joe Magarac to fight and kill Paul. In a cutscene, The Protagonist also drinks a Saints Flow provided by CID before entering Pierce's simulation. In Gat Time, Fun Time, both The Protagonist and Gat refer to Saints Flow when talking about Pierce. Gat talks about Pierce unsuccessful attempt to breed cats with purple fur by pouring Saints Flow on them and The Protagonist states that Pierce has drank so much Saints Flow he can't feel anything. If talked to on The Ship, Pierce mentions having a craving for a Saints Flow and wonders if the Zin have any of it stored away somewhere. In a conversion between Asha Odekar and Pierce, Asha states she would rather relive a mission where she was near starvation and forced to fend for herself, than drink a Saints Flow, to which Pierce responded by asking if she tried the grape flavored Saints Flow.

The Trouble With ClonesEdit

Saints Flow plays a role in The Trouble With Clones mission, "Send in the Clones". After being attacked by Johnny Tag (a Brute clone of Johnny Gat), upon reaching Jimmy Torbitson's house in Espina, Jimmy revives The Protagonist with a can of irradiated Saints' Flow that Jimmy created with his particle accelerator, which gives The Protagonist superhuman powers.

During this mission, The Protagonist is granted several abilities, and weapons. These are only enabled for the duration of the mission, but the mission can be replayed.

After defeating the initial forces on the bridge while protecting Johnny, the "effects" of the Saints Flow "wear off" and the special abilities and weapons are removed. After this, The Protagonist enters a helicopter and must use a rocket launcher to take out the reinforcements of armored vehicles, tanks, snipers and helicopters.

There is no "Saints Flow power-up" to pick up, it is simply a narrative device used in a cutscene.


The super speed effect

Super Sprint
Allows sprinting faster than normal (fast enough to out-run most vehicles) and generate a purple/pinkish aura of energy (similar to the bluish aura produced by Decker specialist) while sprinting. While Super Sprinting, The Protagonist can push vehicles out of the way by Sprinting into them.
The Protagonist becomes invincible while under the effects of Saints Flow, but can still be meleed to death.
One of the side-effects of the irradiated Saints Flow The Protagonist discovers is the ability to read people's thoughts, however unlike the other abilities which The Protagonist cannot control it. It is accidentally discovered by The Protagonist, when he hears Jimmy's inner monologue while traveling to Tag's location and tells him to stop. Jimmy was unaware of this ability, meaning it is likely a side-effect. The Protagonist dislikes it, especially after seeing something they find disturbing inside Jimmy's mind, and tells Jimmy to contact them by cellphone.

Saints Pow DLC
Ui hud inv fist










Featured in

Send in the Clones

Saints PowEdit

AKA Saints Flow Fist (Melee Weapon)
Gives The Protagonist superhuman strength (making The Protagonist strong enough to kill a Brute with melee attack alone), which enhances melee attacks (causing enemies to explode into a bloody mess when hit). Also hit an enemy produces a superhero-ish biff-bam-pow style word balloons. It also gives The Protagonist the ability to knock away vehicles with melee attacks. This weapon has the same statistics as the Apoca-Fist.

The Saints Pow effects

DLC Quarter-Circle Punch
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Featured in

Send in the Clones

Quarter-Circle PunchEdit

AKA Saints Flow Fireball (Thrown Weapon)
Gives The Protagonist pyrokinetic ability to generate fireballs. This super power is similar to the fictional one gained by Pierce after drinking Saints Flow in the Saints Flow commercial and it inspired the Blast superpower in Saints Row IV.

An explosion effect


If cocaine and coffee fucked in an alley, this would be the baby they left in the trash can.
Ad saints flow radio misc media 00039
— In-game Radio advertisement

Don't be a pussy
— In-game Radio advertisement[reference?]

Saints Flow's good, but Saints Flow with vodka, better.
— Protagonist Male Voice 2

I bet Monica Hughes ain't drinking Saints Flow.
— Protagonist Male Voice 2

The last time I had a Saints Flow I woke up on a sidewalk covered in blood... and it wasn't mine.
— Protagonist Female Voice 1

I hope no one ever learns what's really in Saints Flow.
— Protagonist Female Hispanic Voice.

I really don't think Saints Flow tastes bad.
— Protagonist Male Voice 3

Trivia Edit

  • In Saints Row IV, despite The Protagonist telling Johnny Gat that Zinyak made The Simulation Saints-free, Saints Flow mascots still spawn normally.
  • Johnny Gat's signature is on the Saints Flow billboard.[3]
  • The name is a play on "Saints Row".
  • Real bottles of Saints Flow were at GAMEfest 2011.[4]
  • Saints Flow is rumored to cause birth defects in full grown adults.[5]
  • It tastes like Very Berry/Red Bull,[6] though Johnny Gat refers to it as an "...ass-tasting energy drink..."[7]
  • According to a disclaimer in Pierce's Saints Flow commercial, it is prohibited in California. Since this is a Japanese commercial, there is no reason for this statement.[screenshot?]
  • The Saints Flow that gives powers in The Trouble With Clones was made by Jimmy using his particle accelerator and he had intended to use it himself.[8]
  • During the cutscene at the end of STAG Film, the scrolling news at the bottom of the screen reads "Saints Flow recalled after recent positive test for HGH".
  • The Quarter-Circle Punch is a reference to the Hadouken, a special move used by Ken and Ryu in the Street Fighter series. The name Quarter-Circle Punch is a common way of talking about the Hadouken and how it is preformed(Down, Down-Right, Right, Punch.) It also resembles the Kamehameha from the Dragonball series.
  • In Saints Row IV, the Zin have their own energy drink called "Zin Attack" which parodies Saints Flow.
  • In Saints Row IV's character creation menu, tiger milk is stated to be an ingredient in Saints Flow.
  • Paul's nutritional information states that one can of Saints Flow has 2000 Calories.[screenshot?]


  • A Saints Flow mascot appeared in a trailer showcasing explosive ammunition.[9]
  • When a Saints Flow Mascot is mugged or used as a Human Shield they say things like "No respect for the Saints Brand?", "Wouldn't you be rather be having sex?", "I can get you laid.", and "I don't wanna get my balls shot off!"
  • Civilian Saints Flow Mascots occasionally carry RPGs (Annihilator RPG in Saints Row: The Third and RPG in Saints Row IV) on them and use it if The Protagonist angers them by taunting them or enemies/civilians if they are under the effects of mind control (Mollusk Launcher or mind-control helmet in Saints Row: The Third). This makes them a useful way to obtain an RPG in both Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV as they have many fixed spawning locations. They are the only civilians known to carry that kind of military grade firepower.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, Saints Flow mascots can be heard saying "I'll Open up a Can of Whoopass!" when they are fighting.

Gallery Edit

  • Saints Flow variants
  • Saints Flow can textures
  • Saints Flow machine textures
  • A pedestrian dressed as a Saints Flow energy drink can in the Syndication trailer
  • The Protagonist knocks over and grinds on the aformentioned pedestrian in the Syndication trailer
  • Ad in When Good Heists Go Bad
  • A real bottle of Saints Flow at GAMEfest
  • A real can of Saints Flow on Saints Row's Twitter page

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