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Matt Romance

Matt Miller Romance

Romance is a Diversion in Saints Row IV.


After rescuing characters from their Simulations in Saints Row IV, they are available to converse with on the Ship, with the option to "Talk" or to "Romance". All characters can be romanced by both genders.

All Romance options are available as soon as a crewmate is on the ship even before their loyalty mission is complete. However they can only be done once per visit to The Ship.


Romancing Kinzie is required for the Achievement/Trophy "The Full Kinzie".[1]

Kinzie Romance

Kinzie Romance

Protagonist: "Hey Kinzie, you wanna fuck?"
Kinzie: "Let's go."
Kinzie punches The Protagonist, and they fall off-camera

Matt MillerEdit

Romancing Matt Miller is required for the Achievement/Trophy "Paranormal Bromance".[1]

Matt Romance

Matt Miller Romance

Protagonist: "Matt I've been thinking, we could all be dead soon, so... (whispering to self) shit I can't believe I'm saying this... You don't have to die a virgin."
Matt Miller: "Can you call me Nyte Blayde?"
Protagonist: "Are you fucking serious?"
Matt Miller: "You still wanna have a go?"
Protagonist: "Ahh what the hell..."
They begin making out as screen fades to black


Romancing Pierce is required for the Achievement/Trophy "The Face of the Saints".[1]

Pierce Romance

Pierce Romance

Protagonist: "Eey, Pierce."
Pierce: "What's on your mind?"
Protagonist: "We've had some good times together, haven't we?"
Pierce: "Hell yeeeh! Singin', shootin', (leans in jokingly) runnin' a country."
Protagonist: "Wanna add casual sex to that list?"
Pierce: "I normally don't swing that way, but fuck it, I'm down."


Romancing Shaundi is required for the Achievement/Trophy "The Two Shaundis".[1]

Shaundi Romance

Shaundi Romance

Protagonist: "Been a helluva a ride, hasn't it?"
Shaundi: "That is an understatement."
Protagonist: "You've changed so much."
Shaundi: "We both have."
Protagonist: "Yeah, I guess so. Hey whatever happened to that guy who won your dating show?"
Shaundi: "Puerto Rican Thunder God, he was sweet and all but his performance didn't live up to the name."
Protagonist: "Look I gotta tell you something. It always drove me crazy that you had ex's in every city and was willing to go on a dating show but not once were you willing to give me a shot."
Shaundi: "You never asked for one."
Protagonist: "I'm asking now."
Shaundi: "Then let's make up for lost time."


Romancing CID is required for the Achievement/Trophy "Machine Man".[1]

CID Romance

CID Romance

Protagonist: "Alright, CID, here's the deal—"
CID: "You need me to ravage you."
Protagonist: "(awkwardly) Umm... Maybe?"
CID: "Don't worry, I'm fully equipped to pleasure you."


Romancing Asha is required for the Achievement/Trophy "On Her Saint's Secret Service".[1]

Asha Romance

Asha Romance

Protagonist: "Asha, I respect you too much to Bullshit.."
Asha: "You don't respect me!"
Protagonist: "Now that's, that's true."
Asha: "What do you want?"
Protagonist: "I'm looking for rough sex and Kinzie scares the shit outta me."
Asha: "(sigh) I stay on top and you don't get to talk."
Protagonist: "Deal."

Ben KingEdit

Romancing Ben King is required for the Achievement/Trophy "Benjamin [CENSORED] King".[1]

Ben King Romance

Ben King Romance

Benjamin King: "Can I help you?"
Protagonist: "No... well, yes it's... uhh, sorry it's a little awkward..."
Benjamin King: "It's okay, (approaching Protagonist) say whats on your mind."
Protagonist: "I... I don't know if I can..."
Benjamin King: "You never know if you can have something, (starting to touch The Protagonist on the shoulders) unless you ask for it."
Protagonist: "(touching back)I don't want things to change between us..."
Benjamin King: "Things won't change, we're professionals."
Protagonist: "You'll see me differently..."
Benjamin King: "Just shut up and say it..."
Protagonist: "Can you... (nervous) sign my copy of your book?"
Benjamin King: "(smiling) Sure. (signs it, then looking confused.)"

Johnny GatEdit

Romancing Johnny Gat is required for the Achievement/Trophy "Bouncin' with an Old Friend".[1]

Gat Romance

Gat Romance

Johnny Gat: "Hey, boss-"
Protagonist: "Just shut up, I have to tell you something. For years I thought you were dead, and I blamed myself for it. When you were gone, there was a hole in my life that I tried to fill with anything I could. Partying, sex, revenge... Sometimes a weird combination of the three."
Johnny Gat: "(laughing)"
Protagonist: "But nothing worked, nothing ever made me feel ALIVE like you did. And I always thought that maybe it was 'cause I was just depressed, but seeing you now makes me realize how much I need you. I know I'm not Aisha, and I'm not trying to be, but if-"
Johnny starts to make out with The Protagonist as the screen fades to black

Vice PresidentEdit

Although the option to Romance Keith David exists, he always refuses and cannot be Romanced. Keith David only has Quests and has neither a Loyalty mission nor Romance.[1] He does have a loyalty mission similar to Kinzie's appearing late in the game. This mission turns him into Super Keith David.

You're the President, I'm the Vice President. You're the leader of the Saints, I'm just one of your crew. You've taken over cities and toppled rival gangs, I've conquered Hollywood and have a name to uphold. It just wouldn't work between us, you see?
— Keith David when Romanced

Look you're my boss, I just can't let that dynamic get ruined.
— Keith David when Romanced

I think that would just be.. weird. don't you?
— Keith David when Romanced

I know you want to, but I don't.
— Keith David when Romanced

That's really not gonna work for me, I hope you understand.
— Keith David when Romanced


  • The Romance options allow the person playing the game to choose the sexuality of their character.
    • Pierce's sexual orientation is determined on The Protagonist's gender, due to him stating he "doesn't swing that way" to both a male and female character. While this can be said for all characters, only Pierce mentions it.
  • This can be seen as a parody of the Mass Effect series, particularly the second one: the main character can pursue a romance with other members of their team, but only after their loyalty mission. However, there is no negative backlash from pursing multiple characters.
    • The Protagonist's line "It's been a hell of a ride" is a reference to Shepard's line at the end of the Mass Effect 3 add-on, Citadel.
  • CID is the only character with a Romance option who does not have a loyalty mission.
  • Ben King's romance is the only non-sexual Romance.
  • The internal Statistics use the category "Fuck Buddy".
  • Keith David's romance option does not use his name, and only says "Romance Vice President".[9]



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