Rectifier Probe
Weapon - Melee - Rectifier Probe - Main
Rectifier Probe in Friendly Fire
Also known as

The Rectifier[1]



Appears in

Saints Row IV

Rectifier Probe is a DLC weapon in Saints Row IV.

And you thought turning your head to cough was bad...
— Weapon Description


"Rectifier" is the only costume for the Rectifier Probe.[2]

There is only one upgrade for the Rectifier Probe, "Recto-Rockets", which causes the victim to explode after landing.


Rectifier Probe is obtained by getting the Season Pass.

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Rectifier Skin
SRIV Melee - Rectifier Probe - Rectifier - Default Default
Wrong in so many ways
— Rectifier - Default skin description[2]

SRIV Melee - Rectifier Probe - Rectifier - Gold-Plated Gold-plated
Feel good-as-gold, inside and out!
— Rectifier - Gold-Plated skin description[3]

SRIV Melee - Rectifier Probe - Rectifier - Saints Purple Saints Purple
No matter what you're firing, you gotta represent.
— Rectifier - Saints Purple skin description[4]


  • This weapon is not available in Australia, due to laws prohibiting video games from allowing the player to cause sexual violence unjustified by context.[5]


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