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The Projects district is located in Stilwater.


Projects consists of two poor neighborhoods: Sunnyvale Gardens to the north and Shivington to the south. This is the poorest district of Stilwater in Saints Row 2, due to Ultor's renovation of the Saint's Row District.

Dane Vogel presents plans to Ultor's board of directors and to the city government to lure the gangs of Shivington to Sunnyvale Gardens and finish them off. Ultor would then renovate Shivington, turning it into a haven for wealthy people, housing no one below the poverty line.[1]



  • After Dane Vogel is killed, Eric Gryphon, the new CEO of Ultor, enters into a truce with the 3rd Street Saints, making it unlikely for Vogel's plans to come to fruition. However, with a large part of Shivington destroyed by fire, some rebuilding is necessary.
  • There is a suicide skydiver falling on top of a bus stop near Brown Baggers.
  • Another suicide skydiver can be found falling on top of three barrels near the bus stop.However this is an Idle animation which skydiving civilians can do.


  • Projects in Saints Row 2 - apartment building
  • Projects in Saints Row 2 - apartments
  • Projects in Saints Row 2 - Bling Bling
  • Projects in Saints Row 2 - bums
  • Projects in Saints Row 2 - dock
  • Projects in Saints Row 2 - house
  • Projects in Saints Row 2 - Slippery Finn's exterior
  • Projects in Saints Row 2 - Slippery Finn's interior
  • Projects in Saints Row 2 - street at night
  • Projects in Saints Row 2 - Vice Kings Samedi graffiti


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