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Saints Row 2

The Prison Lighthouse is a crib in Saints Row 2.


This crib costs $25,000 and is located at the north end of the Stilwater Penitentiary neighborhood on the island of Stilwater Prison District.

The Stilwater Penitentiary is located to the south.

The crib features a Garage, but no Dock.


There are 15 Crib Customization options.

Item Options
Overall Style Cheap
Ultra Modern
Bed Bug Ridden Mattress
Queen size
King size
Home Theater 10 inch TV
24 inch TV and Stereo
100 inch Plasma
Stripper Pole No pole
Rough pole
Pimp pole
Table No Table
Dinner Table
Grand Piano


  • The default Radio Station playing inside the Prison Lighthouse is The Krunch 106.66.
  • When replaying the first mission, "Jailbreak", after buying this crib, it is possible to enter it and recruit homies, although the Garage is unavailable during the mission.
  • It is possible to obtain the Warrant using the Newspaper Clipboard Replay Glitch, and then store it using this Crib's Garage.
  • It is possible to skydive from the top of the lighthouse. Any followers also jump, and die when they hit the ground unless the "Super Saints" cheat is active.
  • There is a hidden CD at the top of the lighthouse.


  • Prison Lighthouse purchased
  • Concept art of the Lighthouse
  • Promotional picture of the Lighthouse
  • View on Prison Lighthouse from the air
  • Door, leading inside the Lighthouse
  • Interior of the Lighthouse
  • Prison lighthouse interior
  • Prison lighthouse interior
  • View on the island from the Lighthouse
  • Prison Lighthouse during the day


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