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Power Element Training
Power Element Training Complete



Breaking the Law

Quest Objective

That Burning Sensation


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Activity: Platforming Rift Power Up CID

Power Element Training is a mission in Saints Row IV.

There's lot of ways to disrupt the simulation.
— Quest description


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  • Blast Element - Fire unlocked


  • The Explosion element is available, but does no damage.
  • The Asserts can be destroyed by super sprinting into them.



Phone Call: "I want to make sure you are paid for your aid in keeping my rift open, and to ensure you see that I am willing to help your cause."
The Protagonist: "Paid how?"
Phone Call: "I have found new code which allows you to change the element of one of your powers."
The Protagonist: "Do you have a place I can test this?"
Phone Call: "Indeed I do."
— "Pre Mission Phonecall"


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Now use your fire blast on those people. It will ignite anyone in the blast radius.
— CID, "Attack People"

The Protagonist - Female 1: "This would be great at a barbeque."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "This would be great at a barbeque."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Insert cooking cliché here."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "This would be great at a barbeque."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "This would be great at a barbeque."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "This would be great at a barbeque."
Nolan North: "Oh shit! I should be cooking ribs with this."
— "Attack People Done"

CID: "More element types exist in this simulation for various powers. If you are able to find or create the code that is."
The Protagonist: "Thanks for the help."
CID: "It is not help, only repaying my debt. Now I will let you continue on your quest to find me the body you promised."
— "Complete"

CID: "In order to use this element you will need to manually alter your power."
The Protagonist: "Manually?"
CID: "Yes. I have created this tutorial message to explain how to do so."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Well, that's handy."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Well, that's handy."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Well, that's convenient."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Well, that's handy."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Convenient."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Well, that's handy."
Nolan North: "Well, that's handy."
— "Enter Training"


  • Power Element Training


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